Northern Biologics is based on the research of Professor Sachev Sidhu (photo courtesy the Faculty of Medicine)

Northern Biologics: new biotech company to develop cancer drugs

It's a biotech company sprung from research by University of Toronto Professor Sachdev Sidhu and backed by the San Francisco-based venture capital firm Versant Ventures. The goal: to develop antibody-based drugs to treat cancer and fibrosis.

Launched with a $10 million investment from Versant, Northern Biologics is a joint creation of U of T, the University Health Network's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Versant's biotech incubator, Blueline Bioscience. 

“Antibodies and other medical products from biological sources play an expanding, revolutionary role as alternatives to small molecule drugs by treating disease in a more targeted way and reducing side effects,” said Peter Lewis, interim vice-president of research and innovation at U of T. “Northern Biologics is a prime example of the way in which cross-collaboration works to advance and ultimately commercialize the innovative science that is happening in Canadian laboratories.”

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