How a master's degree in biomedical communications helped this U of T grad give back (video)

When he came to the University of Toronto to study biomedical communications, Alexander Young says he had a foot in two worlds.

He became part of the university community while also maintaining his connection to his Métis culture and heritage. 

Young, who graduates on Nov. 6, says his lessons in biomedical communications at U of T Mississauga gave him the practical skills he will need to jumpstart his career. Young’s portfolio includes magazine covers for the likes of Scientific American and 3D modelling, animation and user-experience projects.

But Young also realized that he could use the same skills he honed in university to give back to his community. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to use the design skills and artistic skills that I have to communicate Indigenous language, Indigenenous initiatives both at U of T and in the city,” he says. 

“It’s been an interesting realization that I might’ve specialized in this sort of niche field,” he adds, “but the skills that I’m learning are still applicable to broader communications and can still be used to benefit a broader community as well.”

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