'Good health and happy holidays': A message from Alexandra Gillespie

As the holiday season approaches, Alexandra Gillespie, University of Toronto vice-president and principal, U of T Mississauga, urges students, faculty, staff, librarians and alumni to find time to “rest, relax and enjoy the company of friends.”

In her message, Gillespie reflects on how the community has come together again on campus, following the biggest back-to-school ever.

In the past few months, she notes, U of T Mississauga has raised a tipi for Indigenous ceremony and connection, opened a nation-leading student robotics lab, expanded a network for diabetes care and is preparing to open one of the greenest lab spaces in North America.   

Most importantly, U of T Mississauga has welcomed an extraordinary group of students who continue to “create new knowledge and new collaborations and to find new ways to lift each other up,” she says. 

“I’m deeply grateful to be part of this community and to have the opportunity to work, learn, and give back with you,” says Gillespie. “On behalf of U of T Mississauga, I wish you good health and happy holidays.”

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