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Globe and Mail editorial lauds U of T decision to lower tuition for international PhD students

(photo by Ken Jones)

The University of Toronto’s decision to lower tuition for international PhD students is “an educated idea” that other Canadian universities should adopt, the Globe and Mail says in an editorial.

U of T announced last week that, starting in the fall, most international PhD students will pay tuition fees equivalent to those of domestic students. That means a tuition drop of about $15,000 a year. Because tuition is covered for all PhD students in their first four years, the lower tuition will take effect in a student's fifth year. 

The symbolism of U of T’s move is important, the Globe argues. “It says to the world's best and brightest that the top research university in Canada's biggest city wants them here – and not just because of the gilded fees they pay.”

The move is also good for Canada, the Globe says. “Nearly half of international and permanent-resident PhD students who graduated from U of T since 2000 stayed in Canada, keeping their skills here.”

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