'Generosity and courage': President Meric Gertler on how U of T community has responded to COVID-19


The University of Toronto’s playing fields, halls and classrooms may be silent, but the U of T community remains “deeply engaged” in tackling the global pandemic, says President Meric Gertler.

In a new video address, President Gertler discusses how the U of T community is making an impact on COVID-19 – from those who are on the front lines of health care, to the researchers and innovators helping to prevent, treat or manage the disease, and everyone who is staying home and working to “flatten the curve.”

“Throughout our history, U of T staff, faculty, students and alumni have stepped up when things got tough – and right now, things are tough,” President Gertler says. “But we welcome a challenge. We see it as an opportunity to apply what we’ve learned and make a difference for the better.

“We will get through this. And we’ll see each other in our familiar spaces once again. We will have stories to tell from this time of loss and sacrifice – stories of generosity and courage – and we’ll celebrate the things we accomplished together.”