Forestry, conservation studies, and related disciplines: A consultation summary

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A discussion paper summarizing input from consultations into the future of the Faculty of Forestry and forest science research is now available through the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.

It’s the latest step in a process that began in March.  Professor Elizabeth Smyth, vice-dean, programs, School of Graduate Studies, chaired the first phase of the consultation, which solicited input from faculty, staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Forestry as well as faculty members and others in related disciplines.  

“I’m very grateful to Professor Smyth and all those who participated for their extensive engagement in this consultation,” Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr said Tuesday. “The insights and reflections they contributed through the consultation website, by email, and in person will be enormously helpful.”

Read the summary of consultation findings and discussion of options

Regehr said she welcomed responses to the discussion paper as well as feedback about the consultation so far – and any specific suggestions or proposals about academic restructuring. In the meantime, the provost said, she will continue discussions with the dean of Forestry and others about the best way to support Forestry and forest science faculty, students and research.

 “This university plays a critical role in supporting research, education and programming on forestry and forest science, the environment, the sustainable management of natural resources, and climate change,” Regehr said. “As many people noted during the consultation, discussions about the best way to support the research and education of the Faculty of Forestry have been ongoing for many years – but it is important to get this right.”

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