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Did you know you can read campus paper The Varsity in Chinese?

University Affairs writes about The Varsity's Chinese-language edition

Following in the footsteps of major papers like the New York Times and Vancouver Sun, the University of Toronto's student-run campus newspaper, The Varsity, launched a Chinese-language website.

With just two web developers and $200, students at the paper and a U of T club started the Chinese-language site last fall, which features articles written in English and translated by student volunteers. 

The Varsity is trying to reach a large Chinese readership on campus, including international students from China who number over 10,000, Editor-in-Chief Jacob Lorinc told University Affairs.

The initiative was the idea of Celine Liu, the founder of Listeners, a peer support group for Chinese international students at U of T. She told Lorinc that The Varsity would be more accessible to Chinese international students like herself if its content were translated into simplified Chinese.

The project's managing editor and a third-year student, Charlotte Shen, told University Affairs that the site is attracting a sizeable audience.

 “We just hit 7,200 views – that’s more than half of the Chinese international population at U of T.” 

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March 23, 2018

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