Beware turning off the Trump show, U of T expert tells Newsweek

(photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In the first nine months of his presidency, Donald Trump has provided “an almost countless number of images and words to spark fear, anger, and disgust,” Professor Ron Pruessen says.

But he cautions against turning away.

“It feels necessary to keep searching for a clearer understanding of the patterns and perils that the 2016 election produced,” Pruessen writes in an op-ed published on the weekend in Newsweek.

No matter how “ugly the view,” it is important not to tune out, says the history professor and former director for international partnerships and research at U of T’s Munk School of Global Affairs. 

“The danger, of course, is that if we get bored and turn away, things will happen. Even while we are paying attention, we’re seeing the gutting of Obamacare and environmental standards, the clear and present danger facing immigrant ‘dreamers,’ and an egomaniac cage match with Pyongyang – to mention a scant few items on a long list.

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