Back to School lifehacks: must-have tips for life at U of T

Find the hidden gems and free services to help you succeed in the first few weeks
Students at the University of Toronto arrive hungry to learn – but returning students want everyone new to campus to absorb one lesson right away. At U of T, learning means more than just diving into a textbook.
“Welcome to U of T! You made it!” says Oloruntobi Ogunbiyi, a recent computer science graduate. “Feeling excited and overwhelmed is inevitable as there are so many students with lots to do. But settling in shouldn't take too long.” One of the greatest things about studying at a university with three campuses that anchor a thriving global city? Ogunbiyi says it's all about the opportunities to explore. Read more about Back to School at U of T.
We wanted to help new students get started with the best U of T and Toronto has to offer. The following are 10 back-to-school hacks for navigating the first few weeks of fall semester at the University of Toronto.
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