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We offer over 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs at U of T. Drawing from our top-ranked research faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the latest developments in whatever you study. So whether you are interested in engineering the next breakthrough technology or uncovering the history of renaissance art or analyzing how urban politics creates food deserts, you can find it here.

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Our faculties and divisions provide a home to academic programs. The university is broken down even further into departments, colleges, and centres & institutes, which support an important part of the smaller learning community experience for our students.

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U of T provides more than just degree programs. We are committed to providing access to education for anyone who wants to learn fundamentals and upgrade their skills.

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What Our Faculty Are Up To

South Korean demonstrators hold banners during a rally to mark International Women's Day

New U of T course to examine #MeToo and the media

In 2017, major media exposés of predatory sexual behaviour by powerful figures unleashed #MeToo, a hashtag now tweeted and shared more than 20 million times.

Using the hashtag, people all over the world began to share stories of their own experiences of abuse at the hands of people whose wealth and power had protected them from justice, and this public reckoning led to a major – and ongoing – cultural shift.

Photo of Jingshao Yao and Louie Xia

U of T's English-Chinese translation program continues to grow, bridging two cultures in the process

Louie Xia first started translating Chinese text into English as a hobby in Grade 8.

He would translate all sorts of things – news articles covering computer games, historical articles about the Second World War, and even the text files embedded in mobile games. By high school, it had developed into a passion.

Photo of Jackman Law Building sign

Faculty of Law's Global Professional Master of Laws program launches concentration in law of leadership

Navigating today’s ever evolving, increasingly complex human rights and health and safety legislation can be treacherous for even the most informed employers and managers.
“The legal obligations on employers are much more robust than they used to be,” says Faculty of Law alumna and adjunct professor Emma Phillips. “Employees are much more aware of what their rights and protections are, particularly in the wake of #MeToo.”