Your guide to summer and fall 2021 at U of T

COVID-19 resources for researchers, faculty, industry and clinicians: How you can help

There has been an outpouring of offers from faculty members and others to provide research capacity, engineering expertise, materials, labs, access to infrastructure, in support of addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

The University and its affiliated hospitals have a wide range of expertise relevant to the fight against COVID-19. These include: 

  • Medical counter measures
  • Public health
  • Social, economic, regulatory, operational, policy countermeasures and other considerations

The University also houses unique core facilities and specialized equipment that can be leveraged by internal and external researchers. These include: 

  • Containment level 2 and 3 medical and microbiology laboratories
  • BioBank
  • Aerosol generation and testing facilities for the validation of masks and other PPEs


Information for members of the U of T community

In order to share information to foster discovery and collaboration, U of T has created an accessible online platform that includes basic information regarding U of T and affiliated institutions including research projects, facilities & infrastructure, and relevant expertise. We encourage you to look through the site, our COVID-19 Response Resource Sharepoint and contact the relevant parties at the emails below. Note that this Sharepoint site is only accessible to the U of T community.

To ensure your project leverages the institutional supports available to maximize its impact, please contact us at the email addresses below, depending on the subject of your inquiry.


Fabrication capabilities  such as 3D printers, machine shops, etc.:

Industry collaboration:

Diagnostic testing:

Gaining access to research labs for COVID-19 related research:

Research agreements and MTAs:

Legal and liability issues:

Facilities – biobank, containment level 3 and containment level 2+:

Facilities – PPE testing (aerosol testing facility):


Information for industry and clinicians

For those seeking to work with our experts, please direct your inquiries to the email addresses listed below, depending on the subject of your inquiry. 

Collaborative research 

If your company could benefit from collaborating with academic experts, please email, and we will forward your messages to the appropriate individuals. 

Testing and validation 

If you have a new PPE invention or innovative method for diagnostic testing and wish to validate that it works to regulatory standards, please email, and we will forward your messages to the appropriate individuals. 

Fabrication facilities 

If you wish to leverage the university's prototyping facilities for iterating on your PPE or biomedical device innovation, including 3D printers, laser cutters and other machine chop equipment, please email, and we will forward your messages to the appropriate individuals.