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A new exhibit tells the story of how Canada was shaped not by conquest, but by negotiation.

From gender identity and expression to self-determination, trans rights are on the move. But where exactly are they going?

The microbiologist and Executive Director of U of T's BioZone shares how he juggles his career and world-renowned travel photography passion.

In 2017, Trinity’s Faculty of Divinity will mark two significant milestones: The first is the 175th anniversary of the faculty’s founding. The second is the stepping down of Trinity’s long-time Dean of Divinity David Neelands.

Stephen Toope on the role institutions play in an interconnected world.

Only half of new Canadian companies survive past five years, and only a tiny percentage become global success stories. We asked several of U of T’s – and some of Canada’s – top entrepreneurs to share a lesson they learned on the path to success.

Melinda Park, LLB 1991, discusses how she became the first woman to be elected to her firm’s highest governing seat.