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Identifying important perspective gaps in how Confederation is studied.

We talked to alumni who were at Scarborough College when Canada turned 100, to see what it was like here in the Centennial year. Then we talked to recent grads to see how things have changed. Things sure have changed.

Professor Stephen Scherer and his team from The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) at SickKids have sequenced the genome of the Canadian beaver.

On the heels of Spring 2017 Convocation, we look back at a class that graduated 150 years ago.

A new exhibit tells the story of how Canada was shaped not by conquest, but by negotiation.

From gender identity and expression to self-determination, trans rights are on the move. But where exactly are they going?

The microbiologist and Executive Director of U of T's BioZone shares how he juggles his career and world-renowned travel photography passion.