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Professor Patrick Gunning and the Centre for Medicinal Chemistry are revolutionizing how cancer drugs are created.

In the realm of creativity research, there are two schools of thought: the ‘tension’ view and the ‘foundational’ view. Rotman Professor Sarah Kaplan discusses how to combine both views in pursuit of enlightened brainstorming.

Pop culture fans remember Rajiv Surendra (BA 2009 St. Mike’s) for his hilarious turn as Kevin G, the rapping “mathlete” in 2004’s Mean Girls. In his new memoir, Surendra writes about his six-year attempt to nab the lead role in Life of Pi.

Developing ways to make our suburbs more livable, humanly scaled, and civically oriented through a game of territorial agglomeration.

A photo documentary series celebrating Scarborough community and nation builders.

In the wake of a historic report about the abusive treatment of Indigenous people in residential schools, universities confront a dark piece of Canadian history.

Founded on Canada's centennial, explore 50 years of U of T Mississauga.