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Kate Lines looks back on an innovative career in behavioural forensics.

UTSC alum Alek Krstajic recently engineered the sale of Wind Mobile to Shaw Communications. But don't expect him to retire anytime soon.

Kumar Murty, the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, explores how mathematics is inescapable — it’s a part of everything around us, kind of like The Matrix — and that we shouldn’t be afraid.

The long struggle for gender equity in sport and physical activity has been in the news again as a result of the recent lawsuit by the US women’s national soccer team for equal pay.

Elsie Gregory MacGill (ElecE 2T7) was the first woman to graduate from U of T with an engineering degree and the first Canadian woman to earn a degree in electrical engineering.

Rahul K. Bhardwaj might be a Londoner by birth, but it is the city of Toronto that has truly captured his imagination and his heart.