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A year or so after graduating from U of T, Anam Abbas found herself at a crossroads.

I know Denis Daneman as the doctor who helped put complex care on the map, because I am the father of a disabled child.

Video to help educators, teachers, parents — anyone who works with kids — instill sense of equality and acceptance toward LGBTQ community

How the Student Refugee Program changes lives—around the world and here at Trinity

Meet six U of T alumni, faculty and staff members whose stars are shining brightly on social media 

A U of T Engineering startup which sells robot-blended, customized cups of loose-leaf tea opened its newest location in the very first 365 by Whole Foods Market™ store in Los Angeles.

Professor Lisa Austin cares about privacy, and perhaps the best way to explain her latest preoccupation is by thinking about how a love letter e-mailed from Toronto to Vancouver falls into what she calls a “constitutional black hole.”

The memory of how we feel while caring for the dying stays with us. The experience can be a dense weight, like a black hole swallowing all the energy out of everyone. Or it can be life-giving.