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Meet six U of T alumni, faculty and staff members whose stars are shining brightly on social media 

A U of T Engineering startup which sells robot-blended, customized cups of loose-leaf tea opened its newest location in the very first 365 by Whole Foods Market™ store in Los Angeles.

Professor Lisa Austin cares about privacy, and perhaps the best way to explain her latest preoccupation is by thinking about how a love letter e-mailed from Toronto to Vancouver falls into what she calls a “constitutional black hole.”

The memory of how we feel while caring for the dying stays with us. The experience can be a dense weight, like a black hole swallowing all the energy out of everyone. Or it can be life-giving.

Lots of people have interesting ideas, said Morgan Wyatt, but entrepreneurs are those individuals who act on them.

Tests and doctors’ visits gave no insight into Rachel’s chronic pain, muscle spasms and neurological symptoms. The 16-year-old had been a healthy, vibrant ballet dancer.

“A seminar on sex trade history is a great way for students to learn about critical methodologies,” says Dr. Laurie Bertram. 

Or a period for sober second thought? When it comes to legalizing marijuana, U of T drug and public health experts caution that “the devil is in the details.”