March 20

A bitter truth: 30 years of child welfare data reveals systemic inequities, racism and harm

When the first Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (OIS) was published in 1993, province-wide knowledge of child welfare investigation rates and outcomes was scarce.

December 5

'No small feat': U of T's Anatole von Lilienfeld is using AI to explore the vastness of 'chemical space'

The University of Toronto’s Anatole von Lilienfeld navigates space – but rather than exploring the depths of the universe, his artificial intelligence-powered work focuses on “chemical space” and the untapped potential of undiscovered chemical combinations.

November 29

'The people behind the research': Video series focuses on unique collaborations launching across U of T

Inequality, climate change, infectious diseases – these are just a few of the global problems that leading researchers at the University of Toronto are working to solve, says Christine Allen, associate vice-president and vice-provost, strategic initiatives.

November 24

Preventing the next pandemic: U of T’s EPIC consortium

The University of Toronto’s Combined Containment Level 3 (C-CL3) unit, equipped to safely study pathogens that cause infectious disease, was among the first labs in Canada to enable rese

November 17

U of T's Sajeev John receives Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for work on harnessing flow of photons

Theoretical physicist Sajeev John has received Canada’s highest science and engineering honour, the prestigious Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal.

November 12

Insulin 100: Parks Canada unveils commemorative bronze plaque at U of T

One hundred years ago this month, scientists at the University of Toronto and its partner hospitals carried out the first studies that demonstrated the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar levels in animals and prevent their death from diabetes.

November 12

A SMARTer way? U of T researcher says ‘virtual care’ will keep patients out of the hospital

From stores and movie theatres to banks and airlines, the service industry has undergone a massive digital transformation in recent years to better serve customers – a shift that gathered further speed during COVID-19. 

But the same can’t always be said of the health-care sector. 

February 26

This U of T-designed lab on wheels roams the city, gathering data on air pollution

A vehicle with flashy chrome finishes and high-tech, roof-mounted scanners is getting a lot of admiring looks as it rolls around Toronto.

May 7

United by impact: U of T alumni a global economic, social and cultural powerhouse, survey finds

It’s one thing to know something anecdotally, quite another to have the hard data to back it up.

March 29

U of T wins third prestigious Canada 150 Chair

A leading researcher in theoretical and computational chemistry is joining the University of Toronto as one of the Canada 150 Research Chairs announced today by the federal government.


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