The University of Toronto is a busy place – every day offers new opportunities to explore, experience and learn about what makes U of T special. Here are just some of the upcoming events happening across our community.

To find out more or to have an event listed, please visit your area's website.
Centre for Ethics Date
Political Theory Research Workshop March 3, 2017
Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education Date
MoveU Campus Field Trip- Arrowhead Provincial Park February 21, 2017
Upper Body-Push Clinic March 1, 2017
Faculty of Music Date
U of T Jazz @ The Rex » February 20, 2017
U of T Jazz @ The Rex » February 27, 2017
Qianxia (Jessica) Zhang, Piano » February 27, 2017
Patrick Smith, Jazz Saxophone » February 28, 2017
Jennifer Martyn (Duke), Violin » February 28, 2017
Sexual & Gender Diversity Office Date
The SGDO Presents: My Mother’s Cooking March 3, 2017
Outside the Box March 22, 2017
Q21: A Conversation Café March 30, 2017
Queer & Trans Students of Colour Discussion April 7, 2017