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Our research strengths in areas such as health sciences, AI and information technology converge to launch game-changing startups that transform lives in Canada and around the world.

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University of Toronto entrepreneurs have secured more than $1.5 Billion in investment and created more than 500 start-up companies over the past decade.

March 6
University of Toronto startup Just Vertical created a hydroponic garden that allows us to access fresh vegetables easily and affordably, no matter where we live.
March 5
University of Toronto startup Deep Genomics is using artificial intelligence to find better drugs for rare genetic disorders and to get them into the clinic faster.
March 6
University of Toronto startup iMerciv invented a wearable device that helps people with vision loss move around with confidence.
March 1
University of Toronto startup Nanoleaf dreams up super-efficient, affordable products that reimagine how we light our homes.
March 6
University of Toronto startup Trexo Robotics is designing innovative devices that support children with physical disabilities as they take their first steps.
March 6
University of Toronto startup StageKeep created a unique app to help dancers and choreographers sync their steps and share ideas.
Braze Mobility
March 8
U of T startup Braze Mobility is improving the lives of people in powered wheelchairs.
March 6
U of T startup Kepler Communications’ tiny satellites are helping scientists share field data.
March 6
U of T scaleup Blue J Legal can predict how the courts will decide.
March 6
University of Toronto startup Crowdmark has developed an online grading and analytics platform that speeds up marking and allows instructors to provide students with more detailed feedback.
March 6
University of Toronto startup Winterlight created a revolutionary platform that uses speech patterns to pinpoint signs of brain disorders.

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