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Tech titan Michele Romanow talks innovation

In her insightful talk, Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow shared the lessons she’s learned as one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, including getting out of planning and into executing and the importance of learning from failure.

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University of Toronto entrepreneurs have secured more than $1.5 billion in investment and created more than 500 startup companies over the past decade.

February 28
University of Toronto startup EcoPackers turns plant waste into compostable plastic that could revolutionize the single-use packaging industry.
An illustration of a padlocked cloud raining random letters symbolizes the work of cryptography startup SHIELD Crypto Systems
February 28
University of Toronto startup SHIELD Crypto Systems makes future-proof security software—using a cryptographic system that secures data in the cloud.
Deep Genomics is discovering drugs for genetic disorders, symbolized by a DNA double helix with one piece breaking off
March 5
University of Toronto startup Deep Genomics is using artificial intelligence to find better drugs for rare genetic disorders and to get them into the clinic faster.
A woman with one eye smiles as she holds her BuzzClip, an iMerciv assistive technology device for safer walking
March 6
University of Toronto startup iMerciv invented a wearable assistive technology device that helps people with vision loss move around with confidence.
A Kepler Communications internet satellite floats above the nighttime Earth
March 6
U of T startup Kepler Communications’ tiny internet satellites are helping scientists share field data.
Symbolizing machine learning for lawyers, a judge’s gavel rests on a computer keyboard
March 6
U of T scaleup Blue J Legal can predict how the courts will decide.
Just Vertical’s urban farming framework holds tomatoes, peppers and kale growing in tall rows next to a light column
March 6
University of Toronto startup Just Vertical created a hydroponic garden that allows us to access fresh vegetables easily and affordably, no matter where we live.
Winterlight Labs technology for detecting Alzheimer’s early is illustrated by a seismograph-like pattern on a computer tablet
March 6
University of Toronto startup Winterlight Labs created a revolutionary platform that uses speech patterns to detect early signs of brain disorders.
A small boy wearing Trexo Robotics assistive technology smiles as a helper shows him a tablet display
March 6
University of Toronto startup Trexo Robotics is designing innovative assistive technology that supports children with physical disabilities as they take their first steps.
A young woman gazes intently at a laptop, showing how Crowdmark educational software benefits both teachers and students
March 6
University of Toronto startup Crowdmark has developed an online grading and analytics platform—educational software that speeds up marking and allows instructors to provide students with more detailed feedback.
The StageKeep dance app is illustrated with a photo of a kneeling ballet dancer reaching for a tablet computer
March 6
University of Toronto startup StageKeep created a unique dance app to help dancers and choreographers sync their steps and share ideas.
An array of Nanoleaf Canvas sustainable smart lighting squares forms a geometric pattern on a living room wall
March 1
University of Toronto startup Nanoleaf dreams up super-efficient, affordable products that reimagine how we light our homes.
Braze Mobility smart wheelchair sensors are attached to the back and footrests of a smiling man’s powered wheelchair
March 8
U of T startup Braze Mobility is bettering the lives of people in powered wheelchairs.


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