Banting & Best
Molecular Genetics
Donnelly CCBR
U of Toronto




Zhaolei Zhang
(pronounced jow-lay)

Associate Professor (with Tenure)

Donnelly Centre
Banting and Best Dept. of Medical Research (51%)
Dept. of Molecular Genetics (49%)
Dept. of Computer Science

Curriculum Vitae

Room 608, 160 College Street
Tel: (416) 946-0924 (Office) (416)946-0905 (Lab)

Lab Members

Academic background
Ke (Steven) Jin
Post-doctoral Fellow
Steven came from Fudan University.
genetic variation, database
Taehyung Simon Kim
Research Assistant
Simon is a graduate of U of T Bioinformatics program.
PhD Student (Computer Science)
Yue did undergrad in CS at University of Saskatchewan and holds NSERC CGS Doctoral Fellowship
Cheng Liang
Visiting Grad Student
Cheng is visiting from Hunan University.
PhD Student (Computer Science)
Ka-Chun has a M.Phil. in CSE from Chinese University of Hong Kong.
data mining, gene regulation
Marc Tyndel
Undergraduate Student Researcher (ECE)
data mining
Liandong Yang
Visiting Grad Student
Liandong is visiting from Chinese Academy of Sciences.
comparative genomics
Ph.D. student (Computer Science)
Lee did BSc (CS) at UofT and Masters in Concordia
image analysis
Computer Cluster
work horse

Lab Alumni
Varune Ramnarine (2005)
Co-op Student (Waterloo)
Andy Pang (2005, 2006)
Co-op student (Waterloo), OGI Fellow
PhD student in Molecular Genetics
Linda Lang (2006)
Summer Student
Yunchen Gong Ph.D.(2006-2008)
Post-doc Fellow
Bioinformatician at CAGEF
Matthew Fagnani (2005 - 2007)
Masters student (with Ben Blencowe)
Phillip X. Jin (2008 summer)
ECE student at UofT
Post-doc Fellow
Asst. Professor at University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC)
Apostolos Lydakis (2007-2008)
Masters student
back in Greece
Wagied Davids (02/2006 - 03/2009)
Post-doc fellow
software developer, industry
Xiaoran Guo (09/2008 - 04/2009)
Undergraduate student
Medical School student
Sanaa Mahmood (01/2007 - 04/2009)
Msc. student
Hospital for Sick Children
Yu Liu (2007 - 2009)
visiting student
research associate at Cleveland Clinic
Post-doc Fellow (with A. Edwards)
Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR)
Kate Cook (2009)
Summer Research Assistant
Grad Student, Mol Gen.
Gabe Musso (2005-2009)
PhD student, Mol Gen
Post-doc Fellow, Fritz Roth Lab, Harvard
Jie Ren (2009)
visiting student, National Univ. Singapore
Zineng Eric Yuan (2008-2010)
Masters student (Mol Gen)
Computer Science, McGill
Renqiang Min(2005-2010)
PhD (Computer Science)
Post-doc, Yale University (2011); Research Staff, NEC-labs, Princeton, NJ (2012-)
Dong (Derek) Dong (2008-2011)
Post-doc Fellow
Tenure Track professor, East China Normal University (ECNU)
Yang Zhen (2010-2011)
visiting PhD student from Fudan University
Jingjing Li (2007-2011)
PhD student, Mol Gen
Post-doc Fellow, Snyder Lab, Stanford
Alharith Hussin (2011)
Project student (Computer Science)
industry consulting
David Yim (2009-2011)
Research Assistant
UofT School of Pharmacy
Razvan Nutiu (2011-2012)
Investigator at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Qian Linda Xiang (2011-2012)
Visiting Professor
Sun Yat-Sen University
Akiko Sekikawa (2011-2013)
Msc student
Pharmaceutical, Japan

Rotation students
A. Pang (2005): noncoding RNA
S. Hui (2007): TF-DNA modeling
C. Deboer (2008): influence on mRNA structure by SNPs
A. Lydakis (2007): rare codons in the stability of mRNA structures
C. Song (2009): chromatin modifying proteins
C. Liu (2009): ubl domains