The Windows Institutional Server Support Team (WISST) provides comprehensive support for Windows application servers. The proper maintenance and operation of a production system requires a great deal of discipline, time and attention to details and WISST relieves department of the burden to perform this work themselves.

Supported technologies include Windows 2000 Standard and Advanced versions, Windows 2003 standard and Enterprise, Windows 2008, Oracle and MS-SQL Server RDBMS, IIS, Apache and Tomcat, as well as custom application software.

Windows Application Server Support

The server management infrastructure operated by WISST offers a broad range of support that enhances the reliability of Windows application server.

         Network availability is maximized by the WISST infrastructure which provides fault tolerant firewalls and router connections.

         Disaster recovery is addressed by the use and frequent testing of Legatto network backups and point-in-time disk images.

         System security is carefully addressed by the strict use of OS policies and file system rights, the routine application of software patches and stringent firewall rules and monitoring. Collaboration with departmental staff is facilitated through secured remote access tools.

         7 x 24 monitoring of hardware failures and selected software events set alerts on the WISST monitoring server, which notifies staff.

         Support availability is assured by coordinating staff schedules so that a senior support individual is always available during working hours.

         WISST staff are trained to assist in the design of fault tolerant hardware/software that can increase system availability for applications that require continuous operation.


Server support is available in our managed facility (shown above) or at your premises.

The services provided by WISST give your staff the time to focus on their application specializations while we provide a highly secure and fault tolerant infrastructure for the servers you depend upon.

Windows ASP Hosting

The hosting service is operated by the Windows Institutional Server Support Team (WISST) and it benefits from all of the standard WISST server maintenance (see front side).  The service is provided to departments that want a more sophisticated web site that uses Active Server Pages (ASP) and a SQL Server database at low cost.

The goal of the service is to reduce the costs to departments in deploying and running reliable and secure Windows Web applications.

We currently host web sites that are developed by the AMS Client Services, Web Application Development Group.  For departments considering new initiatives, they do custom application development to suit your needs and because of our close working relationship, the apps they develop with be seamlessly integrated into the WISST ASP Hosting infrastructure.  Because they are internal to the university, they give security much more attention than is typical of a 3rd party developer.

Departments using off-the-shelf ASP software or developing their own ASP code are eligible to use the service, provided the applications can be hosted without compromising the security or reliability of the server.

Service Costs

Basic Windows application server support is provided at $6,400 per year, per server.

The ASP Hosting Service is currently being offered at a rate of $160 per month.

For both these services, as our client base expands, our costs per server are reduced and this will be reflected in on going rate reductions.

Contact Information

For information contact Gord Russell at 946-5625