Why chose WTS?

WTS has the support experience
We currently provide support to over 1000 Windows PC on campus and over 50 servers. We have been in the business of supporting departmental systems since 1997.

WTS has the technical expertise
In the past five years WTS has invested in productivity tools for our support staff. We have automated deployment tools for Windows systems that allow us to remotely manage and automate many routine tasks. We have senior technical staff with decades of experience. We maintain close working relationships with critical service providers on campus such as AMS and SIS as well as major vendors such as Dell, Microsoft and Symantec.

WTS has the management expertise
WTS staff follows and adapts best technology management practices as described by the Microsoft Operational Framework.

WTS knows the University
WTS understands that changes in funding for both the teaching and research mission of the University require a more professional and business-like approach to service delivery. We understand that the business of the University is not to make money but to make and share ideas.

WTS Services

Desktop System Support
System Implementation
Windows Server Support
Firewall Support

WTS also offers customized support packages for
organizations with special needs

How to get WTS working for you?

Identifying Requirements
WTS provides a free consultation service to departments.
The goal of the consultation process is to help departments to formulate a plan for IT expenditures that are aligned with the business reality of the department.
The typical deliverable from the consultation process is an action plan and budget. The action plan identifies opportunities to use IT more effectively and the risks and vulnerabilities that affect a department

Engaging WTS can be as simple as calling our support line at 946-4009 and asking for help. The problem can be as simple as removing a virus from a computer or as complex as designing a new network system.
WTS has a range of fixed price support contracts as well as custom packages. Departments can engage us for project work whether it is installing a new system or helping with a move. For information on these services please call David Sutherland at 978-4597.