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HTML Document Type Definitions


( For an overview of HTML information resources see:

[1] HTML 0 through 1.0
These were formallly specified in the Jun 15 1995 HTML 2.0 draft specifications. I have a local copy of this archive, and the associated documentation, on my server at:
[2] HTML 2.0
From the RFC 1866, found at, or in hypertext form at I also have a local copy on my own server.
[3] HTML 3
HTML 3 was the last IETF "draft" specification for HTML: this never became a formal standard. I haven't been able to locate a copy of the final version of this draft ... if anyone knows where it is, please let me know. Similarly, I know of no definitive references for the DTDs, entity definition files, etc., although the ones that I use were originally obtained from the draft standard.
[4] HTML 3.2 (13 August 1996)
This was the first version of HTML released as a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation. The draft draft specification is found at at:
The DTD, entity declaration and catalog files are all available from the preceding document.
[5] "Cougar" HTML (12 July 1996)
"Cougar" was an working draft for HTML that eventually evolved into HTML 4.0. The public documents describing this draft are found at:
The "Cougar" DTD, entity files and catalog files are also found at this site, at: Catalog and Entity files are found in the same directory.
[6] HTML 4.0
The HTML 4.0 specification documents are no longer available, as they were superceded by HTML 4.01. Various earlier working drafts can be found at:
Each specification document references the DTDs, entity and other files, and also references previous drafts.
[7] HTML 4.01
HTML 4.01 is defined in the official HTML 4.01 specification, found at:
This is a simple update to HTML 4.0 that fixed some small errors. The DTDs, entity definition files, an so on, are found via the file: This was and is the last version of HTML. The language has now been superseded by XHTML.
[8] XHTML 1.0
The XHTML 1.0 specification is found at:
. The DTDs, open catalog files and entity definition files are available as a ZIP archive from:

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Last Update: 4 April 2000