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Students' Theses/Reports

Kate Parizeau,, Community-Based Waste Management: A feasibility study for a project in Siem Reap Cambodia, M.Sc Pl., Final Report 2005. (1Mb pdf)

Nguyen Thi Thuc Thuy, Audit and Separation of Compostable Solid Wastes at Households in Danang Vietnam, M.Eng. Thesis 2005. (3 Mb pdf)

Hoang Phuong Chi, Audit of Solid Waste from Hotels and Composting Trial in Halong City Vietnam, M.Eng. Thesis 2005. (pdf)

Genevieve Wong, Analysis of Separation Options for Composting Market Waste in Vientiane, Lao PDR, , M.Eng. Thesis, 2004 (pdf)

Kyoungsoo Kwon, Financial Feasibility of Composting Market Waste in Vientiane, Lao PDR, M.Eng. Thesis 2005. (pdf)

Nguyen Van Ha, Production Analysis of Household-Level Paper Recycling Units in Vietnam, Ph.D. Thesis 2005. (pdf)

Anna M. MacDonald, Proposed Methodology for Siting of Compost Facilities in Vientiane, Lao PDR, B.A.Sc. Thesis 2004. (pdf)

Tamar Heisler, Lessons from Experience: A Comparative Look at SWM Policies in Cambodia, India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, M.A. Thesis 2004. (pdf)

Adam D. Watson, An Examination of Vietnam's Urban Waste Management Capacity, M.A. Thesis 2004. (pdf)

Sangeeta Chopra, Quantification and Composition Audit of Waste Generated at the Early Morning Market in Vientiane, Lao PDR, M.Eng. Thesis 2004. (pdf)

Luu Duc Cuong, Institutional issues for Landfill Siting in Vietnam; Practical Recommendations for Improvement, M.Eng. Thesis 2003. (pdf)

Carrie L. Mitchell, Promoting Cleaner Production in Vietnam: The Role of Training and Education in Strengthening Industry's Environmental Behaviour, M.Sc.Pl. Final Report 2003. (pdf)

Laura McNally, Protection of Water Resources in Landfill Siting in Vietnam , M.Eng. Thesis 2003. (pdf)

David W. Richardson, Community-Based Solid Waste Management Systems in Hanoi, Vietnam, Research Paper, Master of Forest Conservation 2003 . M.F.C Thesis. (pdf)

Joey Herrington, Building Effective Health Strategies for Waste Workers, Research Paper, International Development Studies, 2002 (pdf)

Nupur Malaviya, On the Road to a More Ecological Industrial System: The Role of Waste Exchanges in Ho Chi Minh City , M.Sc.Pl. Final Report 2002. (pdf)

Angela Lynn Palladino, Industrial Waste Management in Hanoi, Vietnam: A Case Study of Thuong Dinh Industrial Zone , M.A. Thesis, 2001.

James Gray-Donald, The Potential for Education to Improve Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: A focus on Hanoi , M.A. Thesis, 2000. (pdf)

Huyen Nguyen, Health and Social Needs of Waste Pickers in Vietnam , Research Paper, 2003. (pdf)


Maclaren, V.W. and Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, Eds. 2003. Gender and the Waste Economy - Vietnamese and International Experiences. National Political Publisher: Hanoi, Vietnam.

World Bank/MONRE/Waste-Econ, Vietnam Environment Monitor 2004: Solid Wastes. World Bank: Hanoi, Vietnam.

Summary of Research Papers from Training Course in Vietnam.

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