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Greenhouse Gases

Author Title Year Publisher Vol No Vol Page
Ofira Ayalon, Yoram Avnimelech and Mordechai Shechter Solid Waste Treatment as a High-Priority and Low-Cost Alternative for Greenhouse gas Mitigation 2001 Environmental Management 27 (5) 697 - 704

Hazardous Waste

Author Title Year Publisher Vol No Vol Page
David C.Wilson & Fritz Balkau Adapting hazardous waste management to the needs of the developing countries -- an overview and guide to action 1990 Waste Management and Research 8(2) 87-97
Boonyong Lohwongwatana, Teerapon Soponkanaporn & Aioporn Sophonsridsuk Industrial hazardous waste treatment facilities in Thailand 1990 Waste Management and Research 8(2) 129-134
A.S. Tolentino, A.T. Brabante & m.V. David Toxic chemicals and hazardous waste management in the Phillipines 1990 Waste Management and Research 8(2) 123-127
Charles N. Haas Incentive options for hazardous waste management 1984-85 Journal of Environmental Systems 14(4) 373-393
Joo-Hwa Tay Improving the management of toxic and hazardous wastes: a case study of Singapore 1993 Regional Development Dialogue 14(3) 83-104
J.M. Nash, B. Cheung, C.H. Fung, P.C.K. Lei, P.W. Mak, r.C. Rootham, M.J. Stokoe & R. Tong Control and Treatment of Hazardous (chemical) wastes in Hong Kong   Waste Management and Research 9  
Maria Victoria Fernandez-Ricana Hazardous waste management in the Phillipines: A case study of Metro Cebu 1993 Regional Development Dialogue 14(3) 118-130
Yang Yanru, Nie Yongfeng & Li Guoding Hazardous waste management practice in China: status quo and implications 1995-96 Journal of Environmental Systems 24(4) 467-477
Inge Lardinois and Arnold v.d. Klundert (eds) Hazardous waste- Resource Recovery of Household batteries, photographic materials and used motor oil: existing practices   Urban Waste Series 4    
Robert E. Byers Hazardous waste management program development in Indonesia 1993 EMDI Environmental Report Series Vol 1  
Anirudh Bhattacharyya Recycling of toxic batteries poses health hazard 1995 The Pioneer, New Delhi, Aug. 30th.    
Carl. R. Bartone and Livia Benavides Local Management of Hazardous Wastes From Small-Scale and Cottage Industries 1997 Waste Management & Research 15 3-21
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Katherine N. Probst and Thomas C. Beierle Hazardous Waste Management Lessons from Eight Countries   Environment 41 (9) 22-30
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Nelson, David Toxic waste: Hazardous to Asia's health 1997 East-West Center 34  
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