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9/30/05  Society for Utopian Studies Conference Schedule


1:30 Utopian Studies meeting

2:30 Steering Committee meeting

Thursday 3:30-5:00

Group A. Panel: Utopian Settlements and the Periodical Press in the 19th Century

  • Susan Brorson &  Sharon Neet  "Isaac Broome's Two Histories of Ruskin Colony"
  • Will Womack"`Out of the World's Wide Wilderness': Baptist Periodicals and the  Utopian Model of Mission Settlement in Burma"

Group B.  20th Century Dystopias

  • Olivia Burgess “Beyond Perfection: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vladimir Nabokov, and the Twentieth Century Dystopian Literary Tradition”
  • Dwight  Kiel  "Empire, Dystopia and Vision: Misplaced Hostility and Misplaced Compassion in Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians"
  • C. Roberts "An Alienated Utopia: Sociality and Tradition in Kafka's `The Burrow'"

Break 5:00-5:30

Thursday 5:30-7:00

Group A. Literary Utopias

  • Damon Franke "Teaching the Utopian Unconscious in a Historical Survey [Lit] Course"
  • Rebecca Totaro "Sleeping Through The Night in Early English Utopian Literature"
  • Michelle McMillen "The Portrayal of Women in William Baldwin's Beware the Cat"

Group B. Utopias Ancient, Present, and Future

  • Claire Curtis "...And I feel fine: Utopia and Dystopia at End of the World"
  • Mark Jendrysik "The Snake in the Garden: Violence, Crime and Punishment in Utopian Thought"
  • Nathan Stormer "Looking into the Self: The Sublime Hetertopia of Fetal Images"

Group C. French Utopias

  • John Barberet  "Delay, Digression and Departure in Utopian Narratives: The Case of St-Pierre's Paul et Virginie"
  • Antoine Kreiger  "Houellebecq's Elementary Particles: Utopia or Anti-utopia?"
  • Peter Stillman [Diderot's Supplement au Voyage de Bourganville]  wait for title

Friday  breakfast

Friday 8:30-10:00

Group A.  Work and Utopia

  • Edward Granter "The End of Work: Critical Social Theory, Utopian Vision, or Both?"
  • Peter Sands  "A Year in Law School; or, A Humanities Professor Travels to a Strange Land and Learns Something of its People, Their Customs, Manners, &c"
  • Jonathan Paquette  "Reclaiming the Aesthetic Experience: Organizational Aesthetics and Critical Management Studies"

Group B.  H. G. Wells and Samuel Butler

  • Kevin Swafford  "Beautiful Machines, Beautiful Beings: Aesthetics, Technology, and (Inter)Subjectivity in H.G. Wells’ A Modern Utopia"
  • Melissa McCrory "The Color Red, Marxism, and The War of the Worlds"
  • Elena Ilina "Revisiting Erewhon: Solicitings of Unborn Genre in Samuel Butler's Dystopia"

Group C:  Utopian Art

  • Marilda Lopes Pinheiro Queluz "The Brazilian Neoconcretism as a Face of Utopian Art"
  • Charles Nuckolls "The Perfect World in Japanese Nationalist Manga"
  • Monica Farkas  [about Raimundo Lilio's Ars] I e-mailed for title

Break 10:00-10:30

Friday 10:30-12:00

Group A:  Responsibility for the Future 

  • Sonja Fritzsche  "East Germany's Werkstatt Zukunft: Futurology and the Science Fiction Films of defa-futurum"
  • Gilbert Fulmer "Should Utopians Assist Evolution?"
  • Fred Nadis  "Environmental Utopianism at Expo 2005 Aichi Japan"

Group B. Utopian Social Theory

  • C. Lynne Fulmer  "Hobbes' Leviathan: Utopia out of Science"
  • Monika Nenon "Lessing's Dialogues on Freemasonry: The Utopia of Friendship"
  • Michael Jackson"Every Man is a Friend to Every Man: The Utopian Vision within Leviathan"

Group C:  Utopian Community 

  • Jacobs, Naomi "The Utopian 'We' in Feminist Poetry"
  • Carson, Benjamin  "Spaces of Hope in Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and Ana Castillo's So Far From God
  • Kaiser, Pamela "Utopia as Progress and the Works of Octavia Butler"

Friday 2:00-3:30

Group A: Susan Sontag's Utopian Vision: In Memoriam, 1933-2004

  •  Barbara Ching "Eruption and Collections: Utopic Space in Susan Sontag's The Volcano Lover" 
  •  Julia Walker "Sontag on Theatre"

 Moderator and Respondent: Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor

Group B: Critiquing History

  • Reginald Martin "Dystopia in the Post-1960's South: Black Males and the Failure of Integrative Educational Initiatives" 
  • Tyson Lewis  "Mapping Exceptional Spaces: From Frederic Jameson's Utopian Praxis to Giorgio Agamben's Theory of the Concentration Camp"
  • Kathi Weeks  "The Politics of Anti-Utopianism"

Group C. Utopian/Dystopian Chaos

  • Barry Vacker "Fractal Utopias? Chaos Theory and Network Utopias"
  • Seth Abelson "Arm of Indecision: Comparative View of Dystopia in Motion and Stasis"
  • Josef Mahoney  "A Close reading of Marx and Engels' Pejorative Conceptualizations of Utopia"

Break 3:30-4:00

Friday 4:00-5:30

Group A.  Utopia and the Green World

  • Analisa DeGrave  "Utopia and Nature in the Poetry of Ernesto Cardenal"
  • Jennifer Atkinson  "Seeds of Change: Gardening and the Utopian in the Contemporary United States"
  • Lynn Walford "Meditations on Utopia in Mario Vargas Llosa's The Way to Paradise"

Group B. Edward Bellamy's Utopian Legacy

  • Justin Nordstrom "The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Responding to Bellamy in Gilded Age America"
  • Gib Prettyman  “The Business of Utopian Writing in the Gilded Age”
  • Angela Warfield  "Bellamy's Utopic Dreams: Ironic Impossibility in Looking Backward  and Equality"

moderator and commentator: Toby Widdicombe

Group C: Divergence among Allies: Utopianism, Feminism, and Spirituality in Star Wars III:  The Revenge of the Sith"

Elyce Rae Helford and Andy Smith

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday 8:30-10:00

Group A.  Teaching Utopias: An Interdisciplinary Honors Course

  • Joan Roland "`I Had Expected to Meet the Amish': Integrating Field Trips into the Course"
  • Bill Seivert  "Teaching Utopia"
  • Erin Flaherty "Music in American Intentional Communities"

moderator: Joan Roland

Group B.  Literary Utopias

  •  Nat Hardy  "Puritanical Soft Porn or Sexual Utopianism?: Postlapsarian Eroticism in Henry Neville's The Isle of Pines"
  • John O'Connor  "From Sore Throats to Greenland: Howard Brenton's Utopian Plays"
  • Ulrich Bach "The Otherness of Colonial Space: Theodor Hertzka's Freeland (1890)"

Group C.  19th Century Literary Utopias

  • Alex MacDonald  "The Individual and Society in Some Later Victorian Utopias"
  • Daniel Sipe "Mallarme and the Technologies of Literature"
  • Csaba Toth "Ignatius Donnelly's `Minor' Utopias: The Golden Bottle and The American People's Money"

Short Break 10:00- 10:20

Saturday 10:20-11:50

Group A. Encounters Between Cultures

  • Kenneth Roemer "Utopia Goes Native, Native Goes Utopian: The Cross Cultural Visions of Silko and Le Guin"
  • Juan Carlos Grijalva "Utopia as a Zone of Cultural Contact: The Inca Utopianism of Jose Carlos Mariategui in Peru"
  • Gilson Leandro Queluz "National Crisis, Utopian Solutions: The novel `Cummunka' by Menotti del Picchia"

Group B.  Utopia and Religion

  • Toby Widdicombe "Tolkien's Critique of Utopianism"
  • Corina Kesler "Time and Space Practices: From Narrative Utopia to Religious Uchronia (the Ritual of Sabbath)"
  • Tammy Smithers "Michelangelo's Lifelong Quest"

Group C. Utopia ManquJ

  • Stephen Tabachnick "The Failure of Utopian Aspirations in Alan Moore's Graphic Novel Watchmen"
  • Alex Shishin "Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here: Dystopia and the Middle Class Revolutionary"
  • Gregor Ohlerich  "Practicing the Upright Walk: Utopian Concepts in the Literature of the Early GDR"

Saturday 12:00-1:30 Lunch and Business Meeting

Saturday 1:30-3:00 Plenary Session -- Fred Evans

Saturday 3:30-5:00 

Group A: Present day Utopian Plans and Schemes 

  • Kerry Koitzsch and Jedari Sarvnaz "Utopian Technology, Health Care, & Social Planning: A Case Study"
  • Seungkoo Jo "Utopia and Suburbia"
  • Yvonne Pelletier  "Fluid Properties: New Eden and New Utopia"

Group BUrban/Suburban Life

  • Young Hee Shin  "The Relationship Between the Unconscious Organizing Principles and Commercial Buildings"
  • Brian Greenspan "Anarchy in the Archives: Notes from the Ruins of Melbourne"
  • Barry Vacker "Notes for New Orleans"

Group C. "Engaging Politically: The Utopias of Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison"

  • Claire Curtis  "Engage or Withdraw? Toni Morrison's Paradise and Octavia Butler's Parable Series"
  • Peter Stillman "`To Lead But Not to Rule': Individual Empowerment and Effective Communities in Morrison's Paradise and Butler's Parables.
  • M. Doretta Cornell "Communities of Intention and Serendipity in Morrison's  Paradise and Love"

moderator and respondent: Carol Kolmerten

Break 5:00-5:30

Saturday 5:30-7:00  Roundtable on Frederic Jameson's Archaeologies of the Future

  Peter Fitting, Eric Cazdyn, and Phil Wegner

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday 9:00-10:30

Group A: The Media and Utopia

  • Luigi Manca "The Role of Gender in Magazine Advertising's Portrayal of the Twenty-Something Utopia"
  • Douglas Texter  "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dystopia: The Culture Industry's Neutralization of Stephen King's The Running Man"
  • June Deery  "The American Dream `As Seen On TV'"

Group B: Utopian Bodies

  • Jennifer Wagner_Lawlor"`In Praise of Love': Locating the Body in the Utopic Spaces of the Novels of  Jeanette Winterson"
  • Catherine Gimelli Martin "The Phaiakia of the Future: Francis Bacon's New Atlantis"
  • Dina Smith  "History as Fabrication: The Flashback in Raising Arizona"

Group C19th Century Utopias, Real and Imaginary

  • James Hewitson "George Ripley, Brook Farm, and the Fate of Associationism"
  • Jennifer Jones  "George Eliot's Sympathetic Utopian Vision"
  • Robert Nauman "Port Sunlight, Progress Magazine and the Utopian Vision of  W. H. Lever"


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