The Society For Utopian Studies

29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies
October 7th-10th, 2004

We are very pleased to welcome you again to the beautiful and exciting City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The program, including the business meeting at lunch on Saturday, takes place at the Bloor Marriott Hotel. You will notice that space has been left on Friday and Saturday evenings if you care to sample the many fine restaurants located in the area around the hotel. Excellent shopping is available nearby in major department stores and in many boutiques to be found in the Yorkville district. On Saturday night is the performance of Poul Ruders’ opera based on The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. The staff of the hotel is available to take care of any accommodation needs you may have and if the conference organizers can be of any assistance you have only to ask and we’ll be happy to see what we can do. Everyone is reminded of the twenty minute limit on paper presentations, in order to allow time for questions and discussion. On behalf of the President, Ken Roemer, and the Steering Committee, we wish you an enjoyable conference and a pleasant stay in Toronto.

Peter Fitting, Local Arrangements Chair
Alex MacDonald, Program Co-ordinator

Utopian Studies, the SUS Journal

Toby Widdicombe, Editor of Utopian Studies, encourages conference presenters to submit their papers for possible publication. Instructions are printed on the inside front cover of the journal, copies of which can be seen in the registration area. The journal address is: Utopian Studies, Department of English, University of Alaska-Anchorage, Anchorage AK, 99508, USA.

Awards Offered by the SUS

The Arthur O. Lewis Award is given to the writer of the best paper presented at the annual meeting by an untenured or independent scholar. If you are one of these, please submit your paper to the Awards Committee. Guidelines for submission are as follows:

  1. Submitters are encouraged to revise and polish their papers, aiming for a length of 15-25 pages.
  2. The paper should be complete with all required scholarly apparatus, and formatted according to the submissions guidelines outlined in the most recent issue of Utopian Studies.
  3. Send 5 copies of the papers by February 1, 2005, to :
    Professor Rebecca Totaro
    Department of English
    College of Arts and Sciences
    10501 FGCY Blvd. South
    Florida Gulf Coast University
    Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

The Eugenio Battisti Award is presented annually for the best article in Utopian Studies during the previous year. A Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of utopian studies. The Larry E. Hough Distinguished Service Award recognizes distinguished service to the Society and the field.

Society Archives

The Society maintains an archive in the Utopian Collection at Pennsylvania State University, and encourages everyone presenting a paper at the conference to deposit a copy. The address is: Society for Utopian Studies Archives, Rare Book Room, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA.

OCTOBER 7, 2004

3:00 – 6:00 High Park Foyer


12:15 – 1:15 Summerhill

SUS Editorial Board

1:30 – 3:15 Summerhill

SUS Steering Committee

Session 1. 3:30 – 5:00

A. Utopian Themes High Park 3

Doretta Cornell, Pace University – “Fictional Utopias, The Emerging Cosmos, and God”

William Burton, Yale University – “The Allure Of Dystopia in Murakami Ryu’s Five Minutes From Nowhere”

Alex MacDonald, Campion College University of Regina – “Public Space In Utopia and Dystopia”

Chair – Lise Leibacher, University of Arizona

B. Utopian Issues High Park 2

Toby Widdicombe, University of Alaska – “Utopia and the Problem of Overdetermination”

Christine Honkavaara, Loyola University – “Kierkegaard’s Knight of Faith: A Metaphor of the Postmodern Ethicist”

Gilbert Fulmer, Texas State University – “Freedom of Religion in a Utopian Society”

Chair – Gilbert Fulmer

C. Utopia, Latin America and Ecology High Park 1

Analisa Degrave, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire – “Ecology and the Construction of Space in Latin American Literature: Four Contemporary Authors”

Ian DeWeese-Boyd and Margaret DeWeese-Boyd, Gordon College–“Appropriating Borges: The Weary Man, Utopia and Globalism”

Dean Birch, Political Science, John Carroll University – “Environmentalism as Utopian Blueprint for the 21st Century”

Chair – Ian and Margaret DeWeese-Boyd

Session 2. Plenary Meeting. 7:00 – 8:30 pm High Park

Joseph Heath – The Efficient Society. Why Canada Is As Close To Utopia As It Gets.
Joseph Heath is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Respondent – Imre Szeman, Director of the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition and Associate Professor of English and Sociology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Respondent – Ed Andrew, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

Wine and Cheese Reception. 9:00 High Park

OCTOBER 8, 2004

7:30 – 8:30 Continental Breakfast

Session 3. 8:30 – 9:45 am

A. Utopian Themes in Film High Park 3

David L. Pike, American University – “The Heart of the World and the Winnepegan Utopias of Guy Maddin”

June Deery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – “The Pseudo-Eutopia in Literature and Film”

Dina Smith, Drake University – “A Mutable Utopia: Prefabrication in Modern Design”

Chair – June Deery

B. Ancient and Very Modern Utopias High Park 2

Sing-chen Lydia Chiang, Tufts University – “Lost Utopias in the Ninth-Century Chinese Collection Records of Mysterious Anomalies”

Nicholas Power, University of West Florida– “Homedepotopia: The Freudian Left and the End of Reification”

Tom Moylan, University of Limerick – “Irish Voyages and Visions: Prefiguring, Reconfiguring Utopia”

Chair – Tom Moylan

C. Political Utopianism I High Park 1

Werner Christie Mathisen, University of Oslo – “The Utopias of Two Norwegian Political Parties”

Susan McManus, Queen’s University Belfast – “Fictive Theories, Concrete Utopias, and the Politics of Resistance”

Valérie Narayana, Mount Allison University – “Francine Lachance’s La Québecie: Utopia or Post-Modern Nightmare”

Chair – Valérie Narayana

Coffee 9:45-10:00

Session 4. 10:00 – 11:45 am

A. Utopian Structure and Place High Park 3

Annette Giesecke, University of Delaware – “The Evolution of Paradise: Urbanism, Primitivism and the Garden in Ancient Greece and Rome”

Lynda Schneekloth and Robert Shibley, SUNY/Buffalo – “International Peace Parks: A Utopian Vision”

Chair – Lynda Schneekloth

B. The Politics of Dystopia in Contemporary Science Fiction High Park 2

Kenneth Saltman, DePaul University – “Collapsed Subjectivity and Political Agency: Utopian Promises in the Dystopias of P.K. Dick and Cronenberg”

Imre Szeman, McMaster University – “Reproduction Without end: Ecological Breakdown in Peter Watts’ Rifter Trilogy”

Maria Whiteman, University of Western Ontario – “After Nature: Evolution in Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Radio and Children”

Chair – Imre Szeman

C. Renaissance Utopias High Park 1

Cristina Perissinotto, University of Ottawa – “Imaginary Cities, Imaginary Women: Renaissance Utopias and the Women Who Inhabited Them”

Vikki Forsyth, University of St. Andrews – “Redefining Arcadia: Pastoral Criticism and the Representation of Arcadia in the English Renaissance”

C.Lynne Fulmer, Texas State University San Marcos – “New Atlantis, Old Idols and False Gods: Francis Bacon on Miracles”

Chair – C. Lynne Fulmer

Lunch on your own 11:45- 1:00. Meet in hotel lobby for partners.

Session 5. 1:00 – 2:15

A. Cultural Utopias High Park 3

Luigi Manca, Benedictine University – “The Role of Gender in Magazine Advertising’s Portrayal of the Twenty-Something Utopia”

Andrew Paravantes, York University – “Drugs, Sex, Communes: Exploring ‘Other’ Forms of Subjectivity and Sociality”

Karen Collins, University of Windsor – “A Tale of Two Cities: The Sonic Aesthetic of the Utopian and Dystopian Future”

Chair – Andrew Paravantes

B. Elements of The Utopian Tradition High Park 2

Kine Nilsen, University of Oslo – “Utopia Versus Dystopia: The Collapsing of Genres”

Angela Preuss, Florida Gulf Coast University – “Greater Utopia: Libertarian Ideology in Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year”

Chair – Toby Widdicombe

C. Utopian Writing High Park 1

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, University of Memphis – “Speculations on Irony and/in Dystopian Texts”

Ruth Levitas, University of Bristol – “Utopia As Method; from Wells to Brecht”

Merritt Abrash, Lenox, Massachusetts – “Mindful of Utopia: Writing The Utopian Novel”

Chair – Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor

2:15 – 2:30 coffee/refreshments

Session 6. 2:30 – 3:45

A. Cultural Expression of Utopia High Park 3

Peter Marks, University of Sydney – “The Utopian Visions of Terry Gilliam”

Csaba Toth, Carlow College – “Girls Dreaming Utopia: Music, Gender, and Club Culture in Tokyo”

Ana Acosta, Brooklyn College CUNY – “The Ideal Body of 18th Century Anatomical Waxworking”

Chair – Ana Acosta

B. Reflections on Robin Kelley’s Freedom Dreams High Park 2

Hoda Zaki, Hood College – “Africa As Utopia in the Black Radical Imagination”

Fran Shor, Wayne State University – “Utopian Aspirations and 20th Century Black Freedom Struggles”

Gloria House, University of Michigan – “Surrealism or African Spirituality”

Chair – Fran Shor

C. Utopian Theories I High Park 1

Hélène Greven-Borde, Université Stendhal – “What I Need Is Perspective”: Looking Back On 50 Years Of British Utopian And Dystopian Fiction (1920-1970)

Archie S. Graham, Ontario College of Art and Design – “In The Name of Science”

Rebecca Kingston, University of Toronto – “Reconsidering Cosmopolitanism”

Chair – Doretta Cornell

Session 7. 4:00 – 5:15

A. Modern Utopias High Park 3

Claire P. Curtis, College of Charleston – “Utopian Realism: Octavia Butler and Theorizing Self-Interest”

Richard D. Erlich, Miami University– “Ursula K. Le Guin: Eutopia, Antiutopia, Dystopia”

Briona Nic Dhiarmada, University of Limerick – “Nostalgia, Utopia and Dystopia in Modern Irish Language Poetry”

Chair – Dwight Kiel

B. Utopia and Community High Park 2

Eric Burin and Mark Jendrysik, University of North Dakota – “Two Utopias against Dystopia: Liberia, America and Racial Apocalypse”

Robert S. Fogarty, Antioch University – “Frances Fitzgerald’s Cities On A Hill: A Blue Guide To Community”

Chair – Mark Jendrysik

C. Atwood and Piercy High Park 1

Peter Fitting, University of Toronto – “The Great Rearrangement: Oryx and Crake as Anti-Utopia”

Fiona Foster, Concordia University – “The Utopian Impulse in Oryx and Crake”

Virginia Griffiths, University of Oslo – “The Atomic Bomb Question Lands Close To Home: Deliberative Democracy in Marge Piercy’s Woman On The Edge Of Time”

Chair – Peter Fitting

5:15 – 7:00 Dinner on your own. Meet in hotel lobby for partners.

OCTOBER 9th, 2004

7:30 – 8:30 Continental breakfast Yorkville

8:00 – 2:30 Registration

Session 8. 8:30 – 9:45

A. The Politics of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed I High Park 3

Avery Plaw, Concordia University – “Coming Home: Political Pluralism, Communication, and Community in Ursula Le Guin’s The Dispossessed”

Laurence Davis, Dublin, Ireland – “The Dynamic Utopia of Ursula K. Le Guin”

Chris Ferns, Mount Saint Vincent University – “Future Conditional, or Future Perfect? The Dispossessed and Permanent Revolution”

Chair – Laurence Davis

B. Nineteenth Century Utopianism High Park 2

Antonis Balasopoulos, University of Cyprus – “By Land And Sea: Science Fiction and Imperial Geopolitics In Turn-Of-The-Century America”

Eduardo Febles, Simmons College Boston – “The Anarchic Commune As World’s Fair: The Myth Of Transparency and the Bankruptcy of Naturalism in Zola’s Travail”

James J. Gallant, Elms College – “Unrealized Sexual Possibilities and the Failure of Utopia in Guare’s Lydie Breeze and Hawthorne’s Blithedale Romance”

Chair – Robert Fogarty

C. Utopian Theory and Pedagogy High Park 1

Khristina Haddad, Moravian College – “From Composition To Political Theory: Utopian Writing as a Method For Teaching Political Theory”

Carrie Hintz, Queen’s College CUNY – “Utopian Pedagogy: Evaluating Marooned”

Ken Roemer, University of Texas Arlington – “If I Could Clone Myself: Reader-response Futures for Utopian Literature”

Chair – Ken Roemer

9:45 – 10:00 Coffee/refreshments

Session 9. 10:00 – 11:45

A. Fahrenheit 9/11 High Park 3

Christina Braid, Independent Scholar, Toronto – “Manufacturing a Political Dystopia: The ‘Spectacular’ Achievements of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11"

Paul Majkut, San Diego – “Michael Moore: Fahrenheit or Centigrade?”

Barry Vacker, Temple University – “Fahrenheit 9/11: The Temperature At Which Theory Burns”

Chair – Barry Vacker

B. The Politics of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed II High Park 2

Claire Curtis, College of Charleston – Ambiguous Choices: Skepticism as a Grounding for Utopia”

Ellen Rigsby, Saint Mary’s College – “Time and the Measure of the Political Animal”

Peter Stillman, Vassar College – “The Dispossessed as Ecological Political Theory”

Chair – Laurence Davis

C. Political Utopianism II High Park 1

Mike Dubose, Bowling Green State University – “A Good Guy Standing Up To Evil”: Reagan, Economic Utopianism, and the Rise of Perceived Morality As Political Capital”

Jason le Grange, University of Cape Town – “The South African Truth Commission: Rewriting the Past Through Utopian Agency”

Justin Wyble, University of California San Diego – “Utopian Scraps and Cognitive Maps in Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis and Karen Tei Yamashita’s Tropic of Orange”

Chair – Alex MacDonald

12:00 – 1:30 Luncheon and Business Meeting Yorkville

Session 10 2:15 – 3:30

A. Three Utopian Explorations High Park 3

Donna Spalding Andreolle, Université Stendhal – “’Unchartered territory’: Testing the limits of feminist ideology in American women’s utopian and science fiction”

Tammy Smithers, University of Washington – “Seeking Utopia: Renaissance Images of Perfect Urban Space

Laura Thompson, Lycoming College – “Comics and Comeuppance: Utopia and Dystopia Among Superheroes”

Chair – Dina Smith

B. Utopia -Early, Modern, and Contemporary High Park 2

Ariel Fuenzalidia, University of Western Ontario – “Synthetic Utopias”

Yutaka Ito, Yamagata University – “Realizing The Utopia, Utopianizing The Real: Ernest F. Fenollosa and East Asiatic Art as a Cultural Reforming Force”

Susan Lamb, University of Toronto – “Early Modern Travel and the Utopian Impulse: Utility and Credibility in the ‘Formosan’ George Psalmanazar, ‘Abyssinian’ Bruce and Baron Munchausen’s”

Chair – Carrie Hintz

C. Orwell, Stapledon and MacLeod High Park 1

Rob Breton, University of British Columbia – “George Orwell and the Economic-As Is”

Vincent Geoghegan, Queen’s University Belfast – “Olaf Stapledon and the Concept of Utopia”

Phillip Wegner, University of Florida – “Ken MacLeod’s Permanent Revolution: Utopian Possible Worlds, History, and the Augenblick in the ‘Fall Revolution’ Series”

Chair – Rob Breton

D. “Building Real World Pocket Utopias: A Discussion on the Importance of Utopian Fiction to Radical Communities” Rosedale

With Toronto-based SF writers Nalo Hopkinson and Jim Munroe.

Chair – Peter Fitting

3:30 – 3:45 Coffee/refreshments

Session 11. 3:45 – 5:15

A. “The Matrix,” Digital Dystopias and Postmodern Progenies High Park 3

Christina Braid, Independent Scholar, Toronto – "Styling Dystopia the Japanese Way: The Animatrix, Searching for Substance"

Barry Vacker, Temple University – “Bullet-Time, Two Big Bangs, and Two Bad Sequels”

Ellen Rigsby, St. Mary’s College – “Overcoming Versus Redemption: Humanity As Utopian Remains in ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Ghost In The Shell’”

Chair – Christina Braid

B. Three Utopian Texts High Park 2

William Hardesty, Miami University Ohio – “The Thin Line Between Utopia And Dystopia: Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Years Of Rice And Salt”

Naomi Jacobs, University of Maine – “Utopia and Literary Postmodernism: Bernadette Mayer’s Utopia”

William Katerberg, Calvin College – “Legacies of Hope: Tradition and Utopia in Almanac of the Dead”

Chair – Naomi Jacobs

C. Utopia as History and Literature High Park 1

Lyman Tower Sargent, University of Missouri St. Louis – “A Centenary Celebration of the (Mostly) Obscure and Forgotten: Utopias Published in English in 1904”

Darby Lewes, Lycoming College – “Pursuing Nature To Her Secret Hiding Places: The Secret Core of Frankenstein”

Gorman Beauchamp, University of Michigan – “Captain Gulliver in the House of Salomon: Some Reflections on Science, Progress and Utopia”

Chair – Lyman Tower Sargent

Dinner on your own; meet in hotel lobby for partners

Opera: The Handmaid’s Tale

OCTOBER 10, 2004

8:00 – 9:00 Continental Breakfast Yorkville

Session 12. 9:00 – 11:00

A. Utopian Theories II High Park 3

Barry Vacker, Temple University – “Death Valley and Las Vegas: Jean Baudrillard’s Theory of the Desert and Dystopia”

Dwight C. Kiel, University of Central Florida – “The Dream of Transparency From Bentham to Zamiatin”

Kenneth Payne, Kuwait University – “’The Whole World Once more Eden’: Nuclear War and Human Regeneration in H.G. Wells’ The World Set Free (1914)”

Chair – Alex MacDonald

B. Utopian Theories III High Park 2

Trude Diesen Sundberg, University of Oslo – “New Movements – New Utopias? About Utopian Thoughts In Attac”

Miguel Ramiro, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – “The Function of Law in the Utopian Intentional Communities”

Pavla Vesela, Duke University – “Welcome To Disasters: Socialism and Travel”

Chair – Ken Roemer


Abrash, Merritt – 5C
Acosta, Ana – 6A
Andreolle, Donna Spalding – 10A
Andrew, Ed - 2
Balasopoulos, Antonis – 8B
Beauchamp, Gorman – 11C
Birch, Dean – 1C
Braid, Christina – 9A
Breton, Rob – 10C
Burin, Eric – 7B
Burton, William – 1A
Chiang, Sing-chen Lydia – 3B
Collins, Karen – 5A
Cornell, Doretta – 1A, 6C
Curtis, Claire – 7A, 9B
Davis, Laurence – 8A, 9B
Deery, June – 3A
Degrave, Analisa – 1C
DeWeese-Boyd, Ian – 1C
DeWeese-Boyd, Margie – 1C
Dhiarmada, Briona Nic – 7A
Dubose, Mike – 9C
Erlich, Richard D. – 7A
Febles, Eduardo – 8B
Ferns, Chris – 8A
Fitting, Peter – 7C, 10D
Fogarty, Robert – 7B, 8B
Forsyth, Vikki – 4C
Foster, Fiona – 7C
Fuenzalida, Ariel – 10B
Fulmer, Gilbert – 1B
Fulmer, C. Lynne – 4C
Gallant, James J – 8B
Geoghegan, Vincent – 10C
Giesecke, Annette – 4A
Graham, Archie S. – 6C
Greven-Borde, Hélène – 6C
Griffiths, Virginia – 7C
Haddad, Khristina – 8C
Hardesty, William – 11B
Heath, Joseph – 2
Hintz, Carrie – 8C, 10A
Honkavaara, Christine – 1B
Hopkinson, Nalo – 10D
House, Gloria – 6B
Ito, Yutaka – 10B
Jacobs, Naomi – 7B
Jendrysik, Mark – 7B
Katerberg, William – 11B
Kiel, Dwight – 7A,12A
Kingston, Rebecca – 6C
Lamb, Susan – 10B
le Grange, Jason – 9C
Leibacher, Lise – 1A lleibach@U.Arizona.EDU
Levitas, Ruth – 5C
Lewes, Darby – 11C
MacDonald, Alex – 1A, 9C
Majkut, Paul – 9A
Manca, Luigi- 5A
Marks, Peter – 6A
Mathisen, Werner Christie – 3C
McManus, Susan – 3C
Moylan, Tom – 3B
Munroe, Jim – 10d
Narayana, Valérie – 3C
Nilsen, Kine – 5B
Paravantes, Andrew – 5A
Payne, Ken – 12A
Perissinotto, Cristina – 4C
Pike, David – 3A
Plaw, Avery – 8A
Power, Nicholas – 3B
Preuss, Angela – 5B
Ramiro, Miguel- 12B
Rigsby, Ellen – 9B
Roemer, Ken – 8B, 12B
Saltman, Ken – 4B
Sargent, Lyman Tower – 11C lyman.sargent@UMSL.EDU
Schneekloth, Lynda – 4A
Shibley, Robert – 4A
Shor, Francis – 6B
Smith, Dina 3A, 9C
Smithers, Tammy – 10A
Stillman, Peter – 9B
Sundberg, Trude Diesen – 12B
Szeman, Imre – 2, 4B
Thompson, Laura – 10A
Toth, Csaba – 6A
Vacker, Barry – 9A, 11A, 12A
Vesela, Pavla – 12B
Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer – 5C
Wegner, Phillip – 10C
Whiteman, Maria – 4B
Widdicombe, Toby – 1A, 5B
Wyble, Justin – 9C
Zaki, Hoda – 6B


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