The Society For Utopian Studies

27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies
October 24th-27th 2002
Orlando, Florida

A special welcome to those attending an SUS conference for the first time! We hope you enjoy the proceedings and return to future conferences. A good location to strike up new acquaintances and renew past ones is the registration and coffee area.

Please take a few moments to check over the program. The twenty-minute time limit on papers remains in all cases, however, and session chairs are encouraged to employ appropriate frowns, noises, gestures and warning notes to keep papers within the limit—with the object, of course, of allowing the audience plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Utopian Studies, the SUS Journal

Lyman Tower Sargent, Editor of Utopian Studies, encourages conference presenters to submit their papers for possible publication. Instructions are printed on the inside front cover of the journal, copies of which can be seen in the registration area. Journal address: Utopian Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 63121-4499.

Awards Offered by the SUS

Arthur O. Lewis Award: Call for Submissions

The Arthur O. Lewis Award is given to the writer of the best paper presented at the annual meeting by an untenured or independent scholar. If you are one of these, please submit your paper to the Awards Committee. Guidelines for submissions are as

  1. Submitters are encouraged to revise and polish their papers, aiming for a length of 15-25 pages.

  2. The paper should be complete with all required scholarly apparatus, and formatted according to the submissions guidelines outlined in the most recent issue of Utopian Studies.

  3. Send 5 copies of the papers by February 1, 2002 to:

Dan Sabia
Dept of Government & International Studies
Columbia, SC 29208
email: Phone: 803-777-454

The Eugenio Battisti Award is presented annually for the best article in Utopian Studies during the previous year. A Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of utopian studies.

Society Archives

The Society maintains an archive in the Utopian Collection at Pennsylvania State University, and encourages everyone presenting a paper at the conference to deposit a copy: Society for Utopian Studies Archives, Rare Book Room, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802.

Naomi Jacobs

John Barberet and Peter Sands
Conference Co-Chairs

24 October 2002

Session 1 3:30-5:00

1A. Feminism, Race, Film LKVW WEST

Chair: Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor

Andrew J. Paravantes, York University. “When a Post-Estranged World is also a Post-Human One.”

Dina Smith, University of Kentucky. “Utopian Images: The Piano and Feminist Film Historicism”

Jesse Rhines, Rutgers University. “Film, High School and Utopia: Blacks in the Utopian Imagination”

1B. French Utopians WASH

Chair: Lise Leibacher

Richard A. Ferland, Stetson University. “Sade’s Utopia.”

Tabetha Ewing, Bard College “Disquiet: The Violence of Peace in Louis XV’s Paris”

John Barberet, University of Central Florida. “Europe as Utopia: Colonialism and Empire in Lallemand's "Le Hashysch" (1848)

1C. Children’s/Young Adult Utopias EXEC IV

Chair: Ilyse Kusnetz

Christian Kiefer, University of California. “Men Will Be Boys: Childhood as Utopia in James Gurney's Dinotopia.

Carrie Hintz, Queens College/CUNY. “Dismantling Utopia: Considering Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s Green Sky Trilogy.”

Kenneth Kidd, University of Florida. “Tradition, Trauma, and Memory in Lois Lowry.”

Session 2 7:00-8:30


John Barberet, Local Host

Kathy Seidel, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Central Florida

Plenary Panel: “Designing the Twenty-First Century: Disney's Animal Kingdom.”

Chair: Naomi Jacobs, President, Society for Utopian Studies

Jane Kuenz, University of Southern Maine

Shelton Waldrep, University of Southern Maine

Susan Willis, Duke University

8:30 to 10:30 FOUNTAIN
Wine & Cheese Reception

25 October 2002

7:30-8:30 LKVW PRE

continental breakfast

8:00-5:00 LKVW PRE

registration, book display

Session 3 8:30-9:45

3A. Performance LKVW WEST

Chair: Lynda Schneekloth

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, University of Memphis. “‘This Rude Stage’: Performing Utopia in Sontag’s America”

Raina Joines, University of Florida. “Unbreakable?: Utopian Fragments from an All-American Hero.”

G. P. Lainsbury, Northern Lights College. “Utopian Community-Building in Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow and “The Secret Integration,” William Gibson’s Virtual Light”

3B. Revisiting the Utopianism of Second-Wave Feminism WASH

Chair: Naomi Jacobs

Donna Fancourt, University College, Northampton. “Utopianism as Madness in Feminist Utopian Fiction”

Maria Aline Seabra Ferreira, Universidad de Aveiro. “Virgin Birth Fantasies: Feminist Revisions of Primal Scenes of Origin”

Naomi Jacobs, University of Maine. “The Dream of a Common Language: Rethinking the Utopianism of the Feminist Poetry Movement”

3C. Harnessing the Power of Utopia in the Freshman and Sophomore Humanities Course EXEC IV

Chair: Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University

Bill Doyle, Florida Gulf Coast University. “Enhancing Chameleon Vision: The Utopian View in Nature Writing.”

Carol Bledsoe, Florida Gulf Coast University. “‘The Flawed Become Whole’: Dystopia and the Ideal in Toni Morisson’s The Bluest Eye”

Linda Rowland, Florida Gulf Coast University. “Stories that Walk Students into the Future: A Utopian Focus in the Composition Classroom”

Jennifer Wojcik, Florida Gulf Coast University. “Utopia as a Lens: Re-thinking the Literature Survey”

9:45-10:00 LKVW PRE

Coffee / refreshments

Session 4 10:00-11:45

4A. Built Space and the Making of Community: Utopianism, the New Urbanism, and its Historical Antedents LKV WEST

Chair: Amanda Rees

Amanda Rees, University of Missouri-Kansas City: “Ideological Community Spaces: A Cross-cultural Comparison Between Nineteenth-Century Industrial Philanthropic Communities and Contemporary New Urbanism.”

Stuart Patterson, Emory University: “Community as Place and as Process in New Deal and New Urbanist New Towns.”

Hugh Bartling, University of Central Florida: “The Magic Kingdom Syndrome: Trials and Tribulations of Life in Celebration.”

4B. Gothic and Early Women’s Utopias WASH

Chair: Ana Acosta, CUNY Brooklyn

Ellen Malenas, University of Virginia. “‘For the place could not have failed of attracting our particular attention’: Paternalism, Patriarchy and Space in Millenium Hall”

Pamela Hammons, University of Central Florida. “Domestic Dystopia in Margaraet Cavendish’s Portraits of Home”

Deborah Rogers, University of Maine. “Ann Radcliffe’s Matrophobic Dystopia”

4C. Science Fiction and Ecological Themes LKVW EAST

Chair: Donna Fancourt

Eric Otto, University of Florida. “Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy and the Leopoldian Ethic”

Christine Mahady, University of Pittsburgh. “No World of Difference: Examining the Significance of Women’s Relationships to Nature in Mary Bradley Lane’s Mizora”

Janice M. Bogstad, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. “Gaia, Earth and Alien in the Later Fiction of Sheri S. Tepper and Sydney Van Scyoc”

Deb Taylor, University of Maryland. “Is Paradise Home?

11:45-1:00 lunch on your own; meet in hotel lobby for partners

Session 5 1:00-2:15

5A. Popular and Primitive Cultures LKVW WEST

Chair: Susan J. Dauer

Csaba Toth, Carlow College. “Gender, J-Pop, Japan”

Suzanne M. Donahue, Temple University. “Utopia and Primitivism: The Role of Transgender in Paul Gauguin’s Nudes”

William Cummings, University of South Florida. “Body Modification as Utopian Urge—A Recent History?

5B. Economics WASH

Chair: Peter Fitting

Jenny Brown, Redstockings Women’s Liberation Archives. “The Computerized Job Market: From Futuristic Novel to Real-World Economic Proposal”

Kathi Weeks, Fairfield University. “Demanding Utopia: The Politics of Basic Income”

C. Lynne Fulmer , Southwest Texas State University. “Capitalism: From Utopian Visions to Dystopian Betrayal”

5C. Utopian Impulses EXEC IV

Chair: Pam Hammons, University of Central Florida

Alex MacDonald, University of Regina. “The Utopian Impulse in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Lee”

Darby Lewes, Lycoming College. “Better Living Through Poetry: Women and Percy Bysse Shelley’s Utopian Experiment”

J. Murray Murdoch, Jr., Fordham University. “Hegel, Utopia, and the End of History”

2:15-2:30 LKVW PRE

coffee / refreshments

Session 6 2:30-3:45

6A. Dystopia and 9/11 LKVW WEST

Chair: Paul Majkut

Mark Jendrysik, University of North Dakota. “‘The Dystopia of Petty Tyranny: Post 9/11 America”

Barry Vacker, Temple University. “Twin Towers and the Global Village.”

Paul Majkut, National University. “9/11 and Ignatius Donnelly’s Caesar’s Column

6B. Political Theory and Race WASH

Chair: Jesse Rhines, Rutgers University

Tim Westcott, Park University. “In Friendship Dwell Together: The Communalism of John Otis Wattles”

Ethan Kytle, University of North Carolina. “Martin Delany’s Emigration Project: Liberal Utopianism in (and outside) of Nineteenth-Century America”

Pavla Vesela, Duke University. "Utopia West and East: The Tensions in the Traditions"

6C. Reading Utopias EXEC IV

Annette L. Giesecke, University of Delaware. “Homer's Eutopolis: Epic Journeys and the Search for Utopia in 8th c BCE Greece”

Richard D. Erlich, Miami University of Ohio. “Earth, Wind, and Sex (and Death): Utopian Themes in Turn-of-the-Millenium Fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin.”

Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “Towers of Ivory, Corridors of Linoleum: Utopia in American University Novels”

Session 7 4:00-5:15

7A. Spaces and Places LKVW WEST

Chair: Rodney R. Alvarez, University of Central Florida

Dwight Kiel, University of Central Florida. “Making No Places: The Utopian Vision of Frederick Law Olmstead”

Gina Marie Dreistadt, George Mason University. “Identity, Ideology and Utopia: How Two Communities Make It All Come Together”

Dinh Quoc Phuong, University of Melbourne. “The Question of Conservation and Adaptation of Village Architecture to the Urbanization Process in Hanoi.”

7B Roundtable on Erin McKenna’s The Task of Utopia: A Pragmatist and Feminist Perspective WASH

Chair: Lyman Tower Sargent

Farhang Erfani, Villanova University
Peter Stillman, Vassar College
Hoda Zaki, Hood College

Respondent: Erin McKenna, Pacific Lutheran University

7C Utopia and Everyday Life EXEC IV

Lynda Schneekloth, University of Buffalo. “The Dystopia of Things”

Aaron H. Schectman, Emeritus, Monmouth University. “The Condominium as Dystopia”

Michael Jackson, University of Sydney. “Ikea as Utopia”

5:15-7:00 p.m.

dinner on your own; meet in hotel lobby for partners

7:00-9:00 p.m. LKVW EAST

Guest Presentations:

Jacques Fresco, “The Venus Project Presents The Future by Design”

Pilgrim and Paxus Calta from Twin Oaks Community

26 October 2002

7:30-8:30 LKVW PRE

continental breakfast

8:00-2:30 LKVW PRE

registration and book display

Session 8 8:30-9:45

8A. Technologies and Utopia LKVW WEST

Chair: Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin-Milwaulkee

Merav Katz, Bar-Ilan University. “‘Universal Time – Utopian Time”

Susan Jaye Dauer, Valencia Community College, East. “The SIMS: Making your Eutopia in Outopia”

Howard P. Segal, University of Maine. “The Wave of the Future: High-Tech Utopian Visions and American History.”

8B. Nineteenth-Century America WASH


James Davis II, Georgia State University. “William Dean Howells’ Literary Utopia: Alturian Political Theory.”

Gib Prettyman, Pennsylvania State University, Fayette. “Utopian Suburbs of the White City”

Adam Tuchinsky, University of Southern Maine. “‘Those Dim New Yorkers”: Margaret Fuller, Cultural Criticism, and Utopian Socialism”

8C. William Morris EXEC IV


Brenda Garrett, University of Alberta. “A Literal Education of Desire: Reading Morris’ News From Nowhere as Allegory.”

Anna Vaninskaya, University of Denver. “Janus-Faced Fictions: Socialism as Utopia and Dystopia in William Morris and George Orwell”

Gerd Bayer, Case Western Reserve University. “William Morris’ Rural Utopia and the Un-Malling of America”

9:45-10:00 LKVW PRE

coffee, refreshments

Session 9 10:00-11:45

9A. Disneyfied Utopos LKVW WEST

Chair: Nancy L. Stockdale

David Pike, American University. “The Disney Underground”
Ilyse Kusnetz, Valencia Community College. “Celebration: Utopia or Dystopia?”
Kenneth Roemer, University of Texas-Arlington. “Meat the World: A Japanese View of Disneyworld.”

9B. Nineteenth-Century Communities and Thinkers WASH


Naobumi Hijikata, Chuo University. “Is Utopianism Compatible with Utilitarianism in Robert Owen’s Idea of the Community Governance”

Jennifer Jones, University of California. “Discipline in New Lanark.”

David Thomson, University of Illinois, Urbana. “John Eliot’s Regiclastic Utopianism

9C. Approaches to Utopia and Community EXEC IV


Nicole Aimee Roux, University of Michigan. “Community and Language in America”

David B. Eller, Elizabethtown College. “Swedenborg and American Utopianism”

George Garrelts, Mercyhurst College, “The Theory and Practice of Utopia”

Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University. “Fishing for Health: Sir Isaac Walton’s Utopian Prescription”

9D. National Identities LKVW EAST


Uri Zilbersheid, Yezreel Valley College. “The Utopia of Theodor Herzl”

Kirwin R. Shaffer, Pennsylvania State University, Berks. “Freedom Teaching in Cuba: Schools and Mass Education in Pursuit of the Anarchist Utopia, 1898-1925”

Gilson Leandro Queluz, Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica do Paraná. “Menotti Del Picchia: Utopia and Modernism in Brazil (1930-1938)”

Rob Kurfirst, Delta College. “Utopian Socialism: Soviet Style”

12:00-1:30 LKVW

Luncheon buffet and business meeting

Session 10 2:15-3:30

10A. A Roundtable on Tom Moylan’s Scraps of the Untainted Sky: Science Fiction, Utopia, Dystopia. LKVW WEST

Chair: Lyman Tower Sargent, University of Missouri-St. Louis


Kristine Anderson, Purdue University

Richard D. Erlich, Miami University of Ohio

Peter Fitting, University of Toronto

Phillip Wegner, University of Florida

Hoda Zaki, Hood College

Response: Tom Moylan, University of Limerick

10B. Theories of Applied Utopianism WASH


Donald E. Pitzer, University of Southern Indiana. “The Use and Abuse of Utopia”

Gilbert Fulmer, Southwest Texas State University. “Utopianism and Evolutionary Mortality.”

Miguel A. Ramiro Avilés, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. “How Does Law Work in Utopia?”

10C Otherworlds in Orlando ROSB

Chair: Craig Friend, University of Central Florida

Spencer Downing, University of Central Florida. “Making the Magic Last All Night: Staying “On Property” at Walt Disney World”

Nancy L. Stockdale, University of Central Florida. “A New Jerusalem?: Protestant Utopia at Orlando’s Holy Land Experience”

Hong Zhang, University of Central Florida. “Splendid History: Utopian Myth as History”


coffee, refreshments

Session 11 3:45-5:15

11A. Flights of Fancy beyond Disney LKVW WEST

Chair: Spencer Downing

Jane Kuenz, University of Southern Maine: “The Magic of Objects: Baum’s Oz Series”

Shelton Waldrep, University of Southern Maine : “The Green Reincarnation: Oscar Wilde, David Bowie, and Velvet Goldmine”

Susan Willis, Duke University: “Recognition and Transformation: Discovering Utopia in Schrek”

11B. Political Theory WASH

Chair: Hugh Bartling, University of Central Florida

Dan Sabia, University of South Carolina. “Democracy and Utopia.”

Steven P. Scalet, Binghamton University. “Ideal Theorizing in Political Philosophy.”

Peter Fitting, University of Toronto. “The First Utopia of the 21st Century”

11C. Queer Identities EXEC IV


Jeff King, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “Utopia and Castration: The Bodily History of Queer Identity”

Andrew Reynolds, University of Florida. “‘The Precious, The Incommunicable Past’: Prairie Economics, Queer Utopia, and Willa Cather’s My Ántonia”

Dinner on your own; meet in hotel lobby for partners.

Video & Discussion 7:00-9:00 LKVW EAST

Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows present their video “Welcome to the Future”

27 October 2002

7:30-8:30 LKVW PRE

continental breakfast

NB: Guided Bus Tour of Celebration 9:00 to noon; meet in hotel lobby @8:50.

Session 12 8:30-10:30

12A “Both Men and Women Alike Carry on Vigorous Military Training”: Visions of West Point as Utopia LKVW WEST

Chair: Daryl Schuster, University of Central Florida

J. Joseph Miller, United States Military Academy

Daisy Miller, United States Military Academy

Tony McGowan, United States Military Academy

12B Classic and Classical Utopias and Texts EXEC IV


Nurten Birlik, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). “Tiresias.”

Alex-Alban Gómez Coutouly, European University of Madrid. “God’s Revolution or Utopia’s Parousia”

Session 13 10:30-12 noon

13A. Francophone Literature LKVW WEST

Chair: John Barberet

Lourdes Cancio Martins, University of Lisbon. “New Faces of Utopia through Post Modern Writing. Saramago and Umberto Eco”

Célia Nunes Carvalho, University of Lisbon. “Rhetoric of Utopia: Houellebecq and Saramago”

Marie Léticée, University of Central Florida. “Feminine Resistance in Carribean Literature”

Index of participants:

Acosta, Ana 4B
Alvarez, Rodney 7A
Anderson, Kristine 10A
Barberet, John 1B, 13A
Bartling, Hugh 4A, 11B
Bayer, Gerd 8C
Birlik, Nurten 12B
Bledsoe, Carol 3C
Bogstad, Janice M. 4C
Brown, Jennifer 5B
Cancio-Martins, Lourdes 13A
Carvalho, Celia Nunes 13A
Cummings, William 5A
Dauer, Susan Jaye 5A, 8A
Davis, James T. 8B
Dinh, Phuong 7A
Donahue, Suzanne 5A
Downing, Spencer 10C
Doyle, William 3C
Dreistadt, Gina Marie 7A
Eller, David B. 9C
Erfani, Farhang 7B
Erlich, Richard D. 6C, 10A
Ewing, Tabetha 1B
Fancourt, Donna 3B, 4C
Ferland, Richard 1B
Ferreira, Aline 3B
Fitting, Peter 5B, 10A, 11B
Friend, Craig 10C
Fulmer, Gilbert 10B
Fulmer, C. Lynne 5B
Garrelts, George 9C
Garrett, Brenda 8C
Giesecke, Annette 6C
Gomez Coutouly Alex-Alban 12B
Hammons, Pamela 4B, 5C
Hijikata, Naobumi 9B
Hintz, Carrie 1C
Jackson, Michael 7C
Jacobs, Naomi 3B
Jendrysik, Mark S 6A
Joines, Raina 3A
Jones, Jennifer 9B
Katz, Merav 8A
Kidd, Kenneth 8A
Kiefer, Christian 1C
Kiel, Dwight 7A
King, Jeff 11C
Kuenz, Jane 2A, 11A
Kurfirst, Rob 9D
Kusnetz, Ilyse 1C, 9A
Kytle, Ethan 6B
Lainsbury, G.P. 3A
Leibacher, Lise 1B
Leticee, Marie 13A
Lewes, Darby 5C
MacDonald, Alex 5C
Mahady, Christine 4C
Majkat, Paul 6A
Malenas, Ellen 4B
McGowan, Tony 12A
McKenna, Erin 7B
Miller, Daisy 12A
Miller, J. Joseph 12A
Moylan, Tom 10A
Murdoch, James 5C
Otto, Eric 4C
Paravantes, Andrew J. 1A
Patterson, Stuart 4A
Pike, David L. 9A
Pitzer, Donald 10B
Prettyman, Gib 8B
Queluz, Gilson Leandro 9D
Ramiro, Miguel A. 10B
Rees, Amanda 4A
Reynolds, Andrew 11C
Rhines, Jesse IA, 6B
Roemer, Kenneth 9A
Rogers, Deborah 4B
Roux, Nicole A. 4B
Rowland, Linda 3C
Sabia, Dan 11A
Sargent, Lyman T. 7B, 10A
Sands, Peter 6C
Scalet, Steven 11A
Schectman, Aaron 7C
Schneckloth, Lynda 7C
Schuster, Daryl 12B
Segal, Howard 8A
Shaffer, Kirk 9D
Smith, Dina IA
Stillman, Peter 7B
Stockdale, Nancy L 10C
Taylor, Deb 4C
Thomson, David 9B
Totaro, Rebecca 3C, 9C
Toth, Csaba 5A
Tuchinski, Adam 8B
Vacker, Barry 6A
Vaninskaya, Anna 8C
Vesela, Pavla 6B
Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer 3A, 1A
Waldrep, Shelton 2A, 11A
Weeks, Kathi 5B
Wegner, Philip 10A
Westcott, Timothy 6B
Willis, Susan 2A, 11A
Wojcik, Jennifer M. 3C
Zaki, Hoda 7B, 10A
Zhang, Hong 10C
Zilbersheid, Uri 9D


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