The Society For Utopian Studies

Society for Utopian Studies
26th Annual Conference
Buffalo, NY
October 4-7, 2001

Special Events and Plenaries

Thursday, October 4
7:00 8:30 "An Insufficiently Utopian Moment: Reflections on Buffalo's Pan-Am Centennial and the Imaginative Uses of History"
Mike Frisch, SUNY, Buffalo

Friday, October 5
4:00 6:00 Landmark Buildings and Pan-Am Site Tour

Saturday, October 6
5:30 7:00 "Exhibiting Utopia, or How Personalities and Politics Shaped the Paris/ New York Utopia Exhibit"
Lyman Tower Sargent, University of Missouri, St. Louis

Sunday, October 7
12:00 4:00 Niagara Falls Trip

Session I Thursday, October 4 3:30-5:00 p.m.

1a. Utopia and Dystopia in Octavia Butler, I

Robert Seguin, SUNY, Brockport
"Authority, Conversion, and Social Regeneration in Octavia Butler"

Naomi Jacobs, University of Maine
"Posthuman Bodies and Agency in Butler's Dawn"

Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Octavia Butler's Chiastic Cannibalistics: Utopia, Consumption, Consumption, Utopia"

Moderator: Peter G. Stillman, Vassar College

1b. Critical Utopianism and Postwar British Fiction

Amanda Cole, University of Sydney
"Reframing and Reassembling Our Borders: Critical Utopianism in Doris Lessing's Canopus in Argos Series"

Dwight C. Kiel, University of Central Florida
"The Wanting Seed: Sooner or Sooner Everyone is a Misfit"

Toby Widdicombe, University of Alaska, Anchorage
"William Golding's To the Ends of the Earth as a Tarpaulin Utopia?"

Moderator: Vincent Geoghegan, Queen's University, Belfast

Session II Friday, October 5 8:30-9:45 a.m.

2a. Law and Utopia

Shualmit Almog and Ariel L.Bendor, Haifa University
"Legal Scholarship and Utopian Studies"

George E. Connor, Southwest Missouri State University
"When is a Utopian Novel Not a Utopian Novel: Wonnegut, Veber, and Public Administration"

Moderator: Dan Sabia, University of South Carolina

2b. Contemporary Philosophy Confronts Utopia
(AV: overhead)

Dean Birch, John Carroll University
"Reconstructive Thinking: Social Ecology as Ecotopia"

Nancy L.Nester, Roger Williams University
"The Family, the Philosopher, and the Good Society: A Study of Martha Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach"

Paul Majkut, National University
"Utopia's Citizens: Those Who Did Not Exist (Odysseus, Traven, Dickinson, Althusser)"

Moderator: Rifka Weehuizen, University of Maastricht

2c. Space, Community, and Politics

Gina Dreistadt, George Mason University
"A Place for Community: Community Identity in Reston and Twin Oaks"

Richard Simpson, Stanford University
"Fire as a Metaphor: Lessons near/by the University of Florida"

Hoda M. Zaki, Hood College
"The Politics of Space and Spaces for Politics: Theorizing About Community Then and Now"

Moderator: Phillip E. Wegner, University of Florida

Session III Friday, October 5 10:00-11:45 a.m.

3a. Popular Culture, Utopia, and America
(AV: TV-VCR; slide projector)

Beth Browning Jacobs, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Star Trek as the Utopia of a Generation"

C. Lynne Fulmer, Southwest Texas State University
"Utopian Dreams/Dystopian Reality: Advertising at the Millennium"

Derek Merrill, University of Florida
"Colonies are the Outhouses of the European Soul: Excess and Utopia in Thomas Pynchon's Mason and Dixon"

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, University of Memphis
"'This Rude Stage': Performing Utopia in Sontag's In America"

Moderator: Susan Hegeman, University of Florida

3b. More, and More: Utopian Thought in the Sixteenth Century

Zachary Cannon, University of Chicago
"Ethics and Utopia"

Nicole Schwartz-Morgan, Royal Military College of Canada
"Thomas More Was Not a Utopian"

Dan Sabia, University of South Carolina
"Character and Judgment in Machiavelli and More"

José Ignacio Barrio Olano, James Madison University
"Jerónimo de Contreras Selva de aventuras as a Dantesque Dystopia"

Moderator: Hélène Greven-Borde, Université Stendhal Grenoble III

3c. Utopian Imaginings Beyond the West
(AV: overhead)

Brian P. Caza, The University of Chicago
"Utopia Colonized: Exploring a Space for Transgressive Politics"

Babak Rahimi, London School of Economics and Political Science
"Democratic Mahdism: Liberal Shi'a Utopia and the Advent of Civil Society in Iran"

Zahra A. Hussein Ali, Kuwait University
"In Search of Exuberance: Sami Mohammed's Dialogue with Bedouin Wool Weaving"


Session IV Friday, October 5 1:00-2:15 p.m.

4a. Carl Barks and Counter-Apocalyptic Negative Utopias
(AV: video projector)

John F. Ronan, University of Florida
"Learning How To Read: Donald Duck's Spectral Presence"

John Van Hook, University of Florida
"Nowhere between Santiago and Florence: Duckburg as Negative Utopia"

Donald Ault, University of Florida
"Barks on Marx, Part II: The Subversion of Disney Ideologies"


4b. Utopia and Imagining History
(AV: overhead)

Jen Caruso, SUNY, Buffalo
"Utopia as Spectre of the Future"

Laurence Davis, Independent Scholar , Dublin, Ireland
"Social Conflict, Historical Change, and the Utopian Imagination"

Gilbert Fulmer, Southwest Texas State University
"Utopian Planning: Popper and the Possibility of Prediction"

Moderator: Noel E. Boulting, NOBOSS

4c. Gender and the Body in Contemporary Utopian Fiction

Kristine J. Anderson, Purdue University Libraries
"The Absurdity of Perfection: A Danish Perspective"

Annette Gomis, University of Zaragoza
"Murdana: Rokeya Hossain's Utopian Vision of Reverse Purdah"

Tiina Lehtoranta, University of Helsinki
"Feminist Issues in Dystopian Novels: Control of Reproduction"

Moderator: Donna Andréolle, Université Stendhal Grenoble III

Session V Friday, October 5 2:30-3:45 p.m.

5a. Utopian Projects Upstate New York
(AV: slide projector)

Susan Hegeman, University of Florida
"The Invention of Kinship; or, Lewis Henry Morgan Plays Indian"

Anna Marie Brooks, Independent Scholar
"Frank Lloyd Wright's Workplace Utopia: The Larkin Administration Building"

Kenneth Roemer, University of Texas, Arlington
"The Razor's Etchings of Utopia: Gillete's Buffalo Deposits"


5b. Assessing Contemporary Utopian Communities
(AV: slide projector)

Michael Jackson, University of Sydney
"From Ikea to Utopia"

Sanford Neuschatz,
"Shannock Village: A Lively Experiment-From the Puritans to the 21st Century"

Michael I. Niman, Medaille College
"The Rainbow Family; A Nonhierarchical Nomadic Utopia Turns 30"


5c. Nation, Revolution, and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Utopianism
(AV: slide projector)

John Barberet, University of Central Florida
"Pipe Dreams: Bourgeois Fourierism, Spontaneous Adhesion and "Ibergallitale" in F. Lallemand's -Le Hachych (1843)"

Julie Dugger, Benedictine University
"No-Place as Some Place: Young Ireland, Young England, and the Nineteenth-Century Nationalist Utopia"

Ann C. Colley, SUNY at Buffalo
"Creating a Utopia: South Sea Missionaries and the Magic Lantern"

Moderator: Lise H Leibacher, University of Arizona

Session VI Saturday, October 6 8:30-9:45 a.m.

6a. Strategies of Utopian Representation

Edward K. Chan, Wabash College
"Accounting for the Remainder in the Imagination of the 1970s Utopian Subject"

Bonnie Ott and Beth Tauke, SUNY, Buffalo
"Portraits of Utopia: Notes on a Photo-Essay"

Hélène Greven-Borde, Université Stendhal Grenoble III
"Assessing Contemporary Utopian Discourse"


6b. Bellamy's Influences
(AV: Slide projector)

Dohra Khadija Ahmad, Columbia University
"Lala Lajpat Rai,W.E.B. DuBois, and American Utopianism"

James J. Kopp, Lewis & Clark College
"Images of Bellamy's Utopia: Reflections of the Ideal (and Not So Ideal)"

Csaba Toth, Carlow College
"Utopianism in Movement: Bellamyite Nationalism As Catalyst of Contentious Politics in the 1890s"

Moderator: Toby Widdicombe, University of Alaska, Anchorage

6c. Contemporary Utopian Imaginaries
(AV: overhead)

Susan Willis, Duke University
"Le Guin's Dragons: Nostalgia or Utopia"

Ellen M.Rigsby, St. Mary's College of California
"Sanctuary as Cosmopolitanism and Utopia"

Raina Joines, University of Florida
"The Lost Metropolis: Redesigning Law and Disorder in Kim Stanley Robinson's Three Californias"

Moderator: Christina (Perez) Braid, Independent Scholar

Session VII Saturday, October 6 10:00-11:45 a.m.

7a. Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Film

Donna Andréolle, Université Stendhal Grenoble III
"Seeing is believing" : Utopian and Dystopian Visions in Peter Weir's Witness, The Mosquito Coast and The Truman Show"

Christopher Pavsek, Haverford College
"The World is There: Utopia in Late Godard"

Richard D. Erlich, Miami University of Ohio
"Fight Club: Utopian Satire, Consumerism, and a Crisis in American Masculinity"

Phillip E. Wegner, University of Florida
"Where the Prospective Horizon is Omitted: Naturalism and Dystopia in Fight Club and Ghost Dog"

Moderator: Dina Smith, University of South Florida

7b. Utopian Thought in the Enlightenment

Noel E. Boulting, NOBOSS
"Utopian Aspirations without Utopia: Paradoxes in Vico's 'New Science'"

Farhang Erfani, Villanova University
"It Is Indeed Extra-Ordinary To Be A Persian: Political Criticism in Montesquieu's Persian Letters"

Bill Knight, University of California, Davis
"The Propagation Fetish: Robert Wallace's Strange Utopian Vision"

Ana M. Acosta, Brooklyn College-CUNY
"Genesis, Utopia and the Eighteenth Century"

Moderator: John O'Connor, University of New Orleans

7c. Utopia in Nineteenth-Century America

Molly Richman, University of Pittsburgh Honors College
"Fiction and Reality in The Blithedale Romance"

Laurel V.C.Ode, SUNY, Buffalo
"Retaining the 'I'": Reading and Writing Individuals and Communities in Henry David Thoreau's Walden"

Maria Clara Bonetti Paro, Universidade Estadual Paulista ( UNESP)
"Utopian Thought in the Work of North American Poets"

Daisy Miller, United States Military Academy, West Point
"The [Un]patrolled Borders: The 'World' and the Shakers"


Session VIII Saturday, October 6 2:15-3:30 p.m.

8a. British Utopian Thought at the Fin-de-Siecle. . . and Beyond

Nick Williams, Indiana University, Bloomington
"The Paralogic of Palindrome: Utopian Form in Erewhon"

Carolyn Lesjak, Swarthmore College
"On the Politics of Imagining the Impossible: From William Morris to the W.T.O. Protests"

Vincent Geoghegan, Queen's University, Belfast
"Edward Carpenter's England"

Moderator: Laurence Davis, Independent Scholar , Dublin, Ireland

8b. Defining Home in Utopia

Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University
"Suffering in Utopia: Defining Limits in Young Adult Novels"

Alex MacDonald, University of Regina
"The Greenwood As Utopia: Mastery and Fellowship in 'The Silver Horn of Robin Hood'"

W. Warren Wagar, Binghamton University, SUNY
"Utopia as Nostalgia"

Moderator: Merritt Abrash, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

8c. Utopia and Dystopia in Octavia Butler, II

Peter G. Stillman, Vassar College
"Utopia and Dystopia in Butler's Parables"

Deb Taylor, University of Maryland
"After Dystopia: Heterotopias in Octavia Butler's Parable Series"

Christina (Perez) Braid, Independent Scholar
"The Possibilities of Justice in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis Trilogy: A Case Study of Dawn"

Moderator: Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Session IX Saturday, October 6 3:45-5:15 p.m.

9a. Architecture, Vitruvius, and Utopia
(AV: 2 slide projector)

Alex-Alban Gomez Coutouly, European University of Madrid
"ANTHROPOLIS: The Utopian Body of the City"

Annette L. Giesecke, University of Delaware
"Vitruvius to Vinyl: Paradise Lost-A Field Report from the Cul-de-Sacs of Despair"


9b. The Challenges of Utopian Thought
(AV: Overhead projector)

John B.Mooney, Independent Scholar, Hudson FL
"Utopia Revisited: A Modern Rewriting of More's Utopia"

Mahmoud Masaeli, Independent Researcher
"Beyond Realism: Disciplinary Boundaries and the Theory of Peace"

Keith Wilde, Social Policy Division--Canada Pension Plan
"The Logic of Discipleship and the Science of Society"


9c. Notes From Quebec
(AV: screen)

Eric Cazdyn, University of Toronto
"The Sky's The Limit" A video screening

Peter Fitting, University of Toronto
"New Forms of Utopian Struggle: Lessons From Quebec"

Respondent: Imre Szesman, McMaster University

Session X Sunday, October 7 8:45-10:00 a.m.

10a. Utopian Spaces
(AV: TV/VCR; slide projector)

Annette Magid, Erie Community College
"Communing with Relationships: A Look at the Influence Of Nineteenth Century Communes on Utopian Space Writing"

Dina Smith, University of South Florida
"Lost Trailer Utopias"

David L. Pike, American University
"Utopia on the Underground Railway"

Moderator: Lynda H. Schneekloth, SUNY, Buffalo

Session XI Sunday, October 7 10:15-11:30 a.m.

11a. Challenges to the Utopian Impulse
(AV: overhead, Slide projector)

Lynn Walford, Louisiana State University in Shreveport
"Mario Vargas Llosa's Utopian Nightmare"

Erika Gottlieb, Ryerson Polytechnic University
"Dystopian Vision East and West: The Theater of the Absurd"

Merritt Abrash, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"The End of Utopian Innocence: How Terrorism and Anti-terrorism Undermine Utopian Imaginings"

W. Warren Wagar, Binghamton University, SUNY


Abrash, Merritt 8b, 11a
Acosta, Ana M. 7b
Ahmad, Dohra Khadija 6b
Ali, Zahra A Hussein 3c
Almog, Shulamit 2a
Anderson, Kristine J. 4c
Andreolle, Donna 4c, 7a
Ault, Donald 4a
Barberet, John 5c
Bendor, Ariel L. 2a
Birch, Dean 2b
Boulting, Noel 4b, 7b
Braid (Perez), Christina 6c, 8c
Brooks, Anna Marie 5a
Cazdyn, Eric 9c
Cannon, Zachary 3b
Caruso, Jen 4b
Caza, Brian P. 3c
Chan, Edward 6a
Cole, Amanda 1b
Colley, Ann C. 5c
Connor, George E. 2a
Coutouly, Alex-Alban Gomez 9a
Davis, Laurence 4b, 8a
Dreistadt, Gina 2c
Dugger, Julie 5c
Erfani, Farhang 7b
Erlich,Richard D. 7a
Fitting, Peter 9c
Frisch, Mike Keynote
Fulmer, C. Lynne 3a
Fulmer, Gilbert 4b
Geoghegan, Vincent 1b, 8a
Giesecke, Annette L. 9a
Gomis, Annette 4c
Gottlieb, Erika 11a
Greven-Borde, Hélène 3b, 6a
Hegeman, Susan 3a, 5a
Jackson ,Michael 5b
Jacobs, Beth Browning 3a
Jacobs ,Naomi 1a,
Joines, Raina J. 6c
Kiel, Dwight C. 1b
Knight, Bill 7b
Kopp, James J. 6b
Lehtoranta, Tiina 4c
Leibacher ,Lise H. 5c
Lesjak ,Carolyn 8a
MacDonald ,Alex 8b
Magid, Annette 10a
Majkut, Paul 2b
Mahmoud, Masaeli 9b
Merrill, Derek 3a
Miller, Daisy 7c
Mooney, John B. 9b
Nester, Nancy L 2b
Neuschatz, Sanford 5b
Niman, Michael I. 5b
O'Connor, John 7b
Ode, Laurel V.C. 7c
Olano, José Ignacio Barrio 3b
Ott, Bonnie 6a
Paro, Maria Clara Bonetti 7c
Pavsek, Christopher 7a
Pike, David L. 10a
Rahimi, Babak 3c
Richman, Molly 7c
Rigsby, Ellen M. 6c
Roemer, Ken 5a
Ronan, John 4a
Sabia, Dan 2a, 3b
Sands, Peter 1a, 8c
Sargent, Lyman Tower Keynote
Schneekloth, Lynda 10a
Schwartz-Morgan, Nicole 3b
Seguin, Robert 1a
Simpson, Richard 2c
Smith, Dina 7a, 10a
Stillman, Peter G. 1a, 8c
Szesman, Imre 9c
Tauke, Beth 6a
Taylor, Deb 8c
Totaro, Rebecca 8b
Toth, Csaba 6b
Van Hook, John 4a
Wagar, W. Warren 8b, 11a
Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer 3a
Walford, Lynn 11a
Weehuizen, Rifka 2b
Wegner , Phillip E. 2c, 7a
Widdicombe, Toby 1b, 6b
Wilde, Keith 9b
Williams, Nick 8a
Willis, Susan 6c
Zaki, Hoda M. 2c


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