The Society For Utopian Studies

Welcome to the Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference
of the Society for Utopian Studies
Vancouver, October 19-22, 2000

A special welcome to those attending an SUS conference for the first time! We hope you enjoy the proceedings and return to future conferences. A good location to strike up new acquaintances and renew past ones is the area where registration will take place and coffee will be available on Thursday from 2:00 to 8:00 and all day Friday and Saturday.

Please take a few moments to check over the program, since there have been some changes in the session participants, times and rooms. The twenty-minute time limit on papers remains in all cases, however, and session chairs are encouraged to employ appropriate frowns, noises, gestures and warning notes to keep papers within the limit-with the object, of course, of allowing the audience plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Utopian Studies, the SUS Journal

Lyman Tower Sargent, Editor of Utopian Studies, encourages conference presenters to submit their papers for possible publication. Instructions are printed on the inside front cover of the journal, copies of which can be seen in the registration area. Journal address: Utopian Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 63121-4499.

Awards Offered by the SUS

At each year's conference, the Arthur O. Lewis Award honors the best paper presented by an untenured scholar at the previous year's conference. This year's participants interested in being considered for the award should submit five copies of papers before January 31, 2001, to: [TBA]. The Eugenio Battisti Award is presented annually for the best article in Utopian Studies during the previous year. A Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of utopian studies.

Society Archives

The Society maintains an archive in the Utopian Collection at Pennsylvania State University, and encourages everyone presenting a paper at the conference to deposit a copy: Society for Utopian Studies Archives, Rare Book Room, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802.

Andrea Anderson Nancy Sloan
Local Arrangements Chair Program Chair


Thursday, Oct 19

12:00-1:15 Utopian Studies Advisory Board (Salon C)
1:30-3:15 Steering Committee (Salon C)
3:30-5:30 Registration

Session 1, 3:30-5:00
1A Utopian Subjectivities in 20th Century Literature (Salon A)
1B Spirituality and Community (Salon A)

Dinner on your own

1C, 7:30-9:00 Plenary, "The End of Utopia? An Interdisciplinary Discussion of Russell Jacoby's Book" (Burrard)
Reception 9:00-11:00 (Burrard)

Friday, Oct 20

Continental Breakfast 7:30-8:30
8:30-4:30 Registration
9:30-5:30 Book Display

Session 2, 8:30-10:00
2A Bellamy: Views, Reviews, Previews
2B Post Modern Utopian Fiction
2C One World: Perspectives on Division and Unity in the 21st Century
2D Dystopia and Terrorism
Coffee Break

Session 3, 10:15-12:00
3A Utopia and Education
3B Utopian Spaces
3C Starhawk, Piercy, LeGuin, and Broner
3D Utopia and Ethnic and National Identity

Lunch on your own

Session 4, 1:00-2:30
4A Utopian Tradition in Spain and Latin America
4B Sounds and Visualizations
4C Alternative Education
4D H.G. Wells and His Era
Coffee Break

Session 5, 2:45-4:15
5A Urban Space
5B Modern Epistemological Approaches
5C 20th Century Literary Transcendence and Illusion
5D Utopia and the Plastic Arts

Session 6, 4:30-6:00
6A Feminist Writers-The 90's and Beyond
6B Filming the Oneida Community
6C Critical Dystopias
6D More and His Era

Dinner on your own 6:00-8:00

6F Evening Session, Utopian Film 8:00-?

Saturday, Oct. 21

Continental Breakfast 7:30-8:30
Registration 8:00-12:00
Book Display 10:00-3:00

Session 7, 8:30-10:00
7A Utopianism in France
7B Shakespeare, Film and TV
7C Perspectives on William Morris
7D Approaches to Planned Societies

Coffee Break

Session 8, 10:15-12:00
8A Utopia and the Law
8B The Russian and Soviet Experience
8C Re-Examining American History
8D Multimedia Utopias

Lunch and Business Meeting 12:15-2:00

Session 9, 2:15-3:45
9A Colonialism
9B Re-Presentations of Utopia in Writing by Women
9C Ethics and Pragmatism
9D Working Toward A Eutopia Through Peer Mentoring

Session 10, 4:00-6:00
10A Bellamy and Others
10B The Natural World
10C Literary Utopias of 17th Century England
10D Marxist Perspectives

Dinner on your own

Sunday, Oct 22

Continental Breakfast 7:30-8:30 (Foyer)

Morning: Optional Activity (TBA)



12:00 - 1:15 Utopian Studies Advisory Board
1:30 - 3:15 Steering Committee
3:30 - 5:30 Registration

SESSION 1 : 3:30 - 6:00
1A: Utopian Subjectivities in 20th Century Literature

Chair: Lise Leibacher, University of Arizona
Jennifer Burwell, Ryerson Polytechnic University. "The Impossible Error: Utopian Subjectivity in Djuna Barnes' Nightwood"
Carla Comellini, University of Trieste. "The Power of Words in Utopian Perspectives"
Michael Grubb, Binghampton University. "Euphemism and Utopia in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy"
Tunis Romein, Charleston Southern University. "The Utopian Way of Seeing: A Study of Utopian Psychology in Delta Wedding"

1B: Spirituality and Community
Chair: Carl Guarneri, St. Mary's College of California, University of Paris-VIII
Gorman Beauchamp, University of Michigan. "The Dystopian Theodicy of Parson Malthus"
Theodore Kallman, San Joaquin Delta College. "From Institutional Churchman to Utopian Socialist: Ralph Albertson and the Christian Commonwealth"
Louis J. Kern, Hofstra University. "To Keep 'Bachelor's Hall in Hell' is Better Than to 'Go to Board in Heaven': Henry David Thoreau and
Communitarian Utopianism"
Ellen Rigsby, University of California at Berkeley. "Interracialism in New Mexico's Shalam: A Spiritualist Substitute for Republican Politics"

Dinner on your own

1C: 7:30-9:00 PLENARY SESSION: "The End of Utopia? An Interdisciplinary Discussion of Russell Jacoby's Book" (Burrard)

Chair: Naomi Jacobs, University of Maine
Alfred Lutz, Middle Tennessee State University
Carmen McEvoy, University of the South
Dan Soloff, Antioch University Seattle

Reception: 9:00 - 11:00 PM


Continental Breakfast (7:30-8:30)
Registration: 8:30 - 4:30
Book Display: 9:30 - 5:30

SESSION 2: 8:30 - 10:00

2A: Edward Bellamy: Views, Reviews, Previews
Chair: Alex Zukas

James J. Kopp, Lewis & Clark College. " Looking Back at Looking Backward: Collecting Edward Bellamy's Utopian Novels"
Paul Majkut, National University. "The Relevant Look: The Reemergence of Christianity and Socialism"
Phillip E. Wegner, University of Florida. "Writing the New American (Re)Public: Remembering and Forgetting in Looking Backward"

2B: Post Modern Utopian Fiction
Chair: Rebecca Totaro

André Furlani, Concordia University. "Postmodern Utopias"
William Hardesty, Miami University of Ohio. "Representation as/and Utopia in Julian Barnes's England, England"
Yoriko Moichi, University of Edinburgh. " 'This is Hell.': History and Ideology in A. Gray's Lanark and I. Banks's The Bridge"
Ken Roemer, University of Texas at Arlington. "Utopia: A Reader's Definition"

2C: One World: Perspectives on Division and Unity in the 21st Century

Chair: Dermot O'Brien, New York University

Dermot O'Brien, New York University. "At the Border: Reflections on Nationalism and a Cosmopolitan Future"
Jillian Schwedler, University of Maryland. "National and Pan-Arab Identities in the 21st Century"
Jeffrey M. Togman, Seton Hall University. "Let My People Go: The Case for Open Borders"

2D: Dystopia and Terrorism

Chair: Dan Soloff, Antioch University Seattle

Merritt Abrash, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "The End of Innocence: the Undermining of Utopian Imaginings by Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism"
Beatrice Battaglia, University of Bologna. " 'Another World and Yet the Same': M. Oliphant's The Land of Darkness"
Maria Clara Paro, Universidade Estadual Paulista. "Utopia, Dystopia and Heterotopia in North American Poetry"
Tina Perez, McMaster University. "Dystopias and the Modern Subject: A Critique of the Ethics of Scientism"

Coffee Break: 10:00-10:15
SESSION 3: 10:15 - 12:00

3A: Utopia and Education

Joyce Aspel, New York University. "Utopian Studies and Peace Studies: Perspectives for the 21st Century"
Brian P. Caza, University of Chicago. "Dominant Practices and Countercultural Possibilities: Progressive Education within a Transnational
Context, 1890-1930"
Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin, Madison. "Scenes of Education and Schemes of Utopia in Fiction and Curriculum"
Nicholas Spencer, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. "Henry Olerich and the Varieties of Naturalist Pedagogy"

3B: Utopian Spaces

Chair: Nicole Pohl, University College Northampton

Nathaniel Coleman, University of Pennsylvania. "Fairy Tales and Golden Dust: Louis I. Kahn's Utopian Challenge to Marketplace Culture"
Annette Giesecke, University of Delaware. "The Utopics of the Ideal Roman Villa"
Kevin Mitchell, American University of Sharjah. "House and City: An Analysis of Public and Private Spaces in Plato's Utopian Polis"
Nicole Pohl, University College Northampton. " 'Passionless Reformers': The Museum in Utopia"

3C: Starhawk, Piercy, Le Guin, and Broner


Kit Hume, Pennsylvania State University. "The Morality of Utopian Contrast Worlds: Skewed Satire in Starhawk's Fifth Sacred Thing"
Britta Jessen, University of Freiburg. "Marge Piercy's Feminist Utopias: >From Woman on the Edge of Time to He, She and It"
Dan Sabia, University of South Carolina. "Individual and Community in Le Guin's The Dispossessed"
Jennifer A. Wagner-Lawlor, University of Memphis. "Political Theater and/as Utopian Transformation in E.M. Broner's A Weave of Women"

3D: Utopia and Ethnic and National Identity

Mari Carmen Marín, University of Almería. "The American Dream and the Dilemma of Identity in Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills and Mama Day"
Ciro A. Sandoval, Michigan Technological University. "Past, Present, and Future: José María Arguedas and the Search for an Andean Utopia"
Alex Shishin, Kobe Women's University. "The Utopianization of Japan"
Vlatka Velcic, Austin-Peay State University. "Utopian and Dystopian Portrayals of Croatia Before and After the Separation in the Fiction of Slavenka Drakulic-llic and Dubravka Ugresic"

Lunch on your own

Session 4: 1:00 - 2:30


4A: Utopian Tradition in Spain and Latin America
José Ignacio Barrio Olano, James Madison University. "Utopia of Escape and contrautopia in Spanish Medieval and Golden Age Literature"
Mark J. Mascia, Sacred Heart University. "History and Future: Pablo Neruda and the Construction of Utopia in the Canto general"
Miguel A. Ramiro Avilés, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. "Sinapia as a Realist Project of Political Reform"

4B: Sounds and Visualizations


John R. Barberet, University of Central Florida. "Charting Utopia: Visualizing Utopian Information through Diagrams and Graphs"
C. Lynne Fulmer, Southwest Texas State University. "Utopian Dreams/Dystopian Reality: Advertising at the Millennium"
Csaba Toth, Carlow College. "Utopias of Sound: New Sonic Forces in the United States and Japan"

4C: Alternative Education


Octavia Davis, National University. "Learning Consumption: Community Partners in Public School Education"
Joel Kuszai, Cuyamaca College. "Utopian Models in American Alternative Education"
Bill Marsh, National University. "Distantopia: Exchange, Interchange or Small Change in On-Line Education"

4D: H.G. Wells and His Era


Peter Firchow, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. "Time in H.G. Wells's Time Machine"
John Partington, University of Reading. "Revising Anticipations: H.G. Wells on Race and Class, 1901 to 1905"
Philip Jenkins, Pennsylvania State University. "Progressive Utopias and Corporate Nightmares: The Case of Philip Dru-Administrator"

Coffee Break: 2:30-2:45

SESSION 5: 2:45 - 4:15

5A: Urban Space
Peter Fitting, University of Toronto. "The Utopian City: Chandigarh"
Alla Myzelev, York University, Toronto. "Towards Fulfilling of a National Dream: A Striving for National Style in Architecture Wychwood Park, Toronto (1888-1918)"
David L. Pike, American University. "Underground Utopia and Urban Modernism in Cinema between the Wars"

5B: Modern Epistemological Approaches


Greg Johnson, Pacific Lutheran University. "Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy and the Spector of the Utopian"
Shane J. Ralston, California State University. "The Necessity of Memory for Personal Identity Revisited: Locke, Hume, Freud and the Myth of the Cyber-self"
James Wagman, Michigan State University. "Are Utopian Communities Possible in Cyberspace-Utopian Ideals and Human Sympathies vs. Economic Self-Interest?"

5C: 20th Century Literary Transcendence and Illusion

Brian Garvey, Monmouth University. "Dichotomy in Vonnegut: Utopian Constructs, Personal Transcendence"
Marlene San Miguel Groner, State University of New York-Farmingdale. "Cerca del Cielo: Legacies in John Sayles' Men with Guns"
Raina Jones, University of Florida. "Reciprocal Assimilations: The Cities of Something Else"

5D:Utopia and the Plastic Arts

Andrea Anderson, Independent Scholar. "Utopia with Snags: The Conflict Between the Utopian and the Everyday Art of Vancouver Artist Stan Douglas"
Alex MacDonald, Campion College, University of Regina. "Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Utopia: Art, Stability and Change in Imaginary Societies"

Coffee Break: 4:15 - 4:30

SESSION 6: 4:30-6:00
6A: Feminist Writers-The 90's and Beyond

Chair: Nicole Pohl, University College Northhampton

Alessa Johns, University of California-Davis. "21st-Century Feminism and the Lure of an Enlightenment Utopian Paradigm"
Susan Stratton, University of Calgary. "Feminist Utopian Writing of the 'Nineties"
Metka Zupancic, University of Minnesota. "Rewriting Myths: Feminist Utopias"

6B: Filming the Oneida Community

Frank Christopher, Filmmaker.
Robert Fogarty, Antioch College
Carol Kolmerten, Hood College

6C: A Roundtable on Critical Dystopias
Chair: Peter Fitting, University of Toronto

Naomi Jacobs, University of Maine. "Posthuman Bodies and Agency in Critical Dystopias"
Tom Moylan, Liverpool John Moores University. "On the Borders of Dystopia: Jack London and Kim Stanley Robinson"
Lucy Sargisson, University of Nottingham. "Is the Future of Utopia Dystopia?"

6D: More and His Era

Michael Jackson, University of Sydney. "Machiavelli, More's Utopia, and Utopia"
Romuald Ian Lakowski, Independent Scholar. "Thomas More's Utopia and Geography: Towards a (Re)Definition of the Renaissance Utopia"
Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University. "Prescribing National Identity: English and Italian Conceptions of a Diseased Body Politic,

Dinner on your own

6E: Friday Evening 8:00 PM Film Presentation and Viewing:

Nancy Sloan Goldberg, Middle Tennessee State University "Ever After: An Unexpected Feminist Utopia"


Continental Breakfast: 7:30-8:30
Registration: 8:00 - 12:00
Book Display: 10:00 - 3:00
SESSION 7: 8:30 - 10:00

7A: Utopianism in France
Chair: Lise Leibacher, University of Arizona

Deborah W. Downs-Miers, Gustavus Adolphus College. "Founded in the Field of Letters: The Beguines, Education, and Cities of Ladies"
Denis D. Grélé, Wellesley College. "Literary Utopia and History, Political Changes in Utopian Ideals at the Turn of the 18th Century France"
Bruce H. Mayer, Lynchburg College. "Fénelon's Télémaque: Utopic Vision and Political Reform"

7B: Shakespeare, Film and TV

Richard D. Erlich, Miami University of Ohio. "Tweaking the Bard, OR, Processing Shakespeare's Leftovers for the AntiUtopian Palate: Production
Decisions for the Conclusions of Some Notable Histories and Tragedies (and Some Related Recent Movies)"
Hilke Kuhlmann, Freiburg, Germany. "Star Trek's Utopian Vision: Continuity or Change?"
Greg Maillet, Campion College, University of Regina. "To Keep them Living": Prospero's "Project" and the Renaissance Purposes of Utopian Literature"

7C: Perspectives on William Morris

Amy Bingaman, University of Chicago. "Negotiating a Revolutionary Identity: William Morris c. 1870"
Rob Breton, University of British Columbia. "Work Perfect: William Morris and the Gospel of Work"
Laurence Davis, Independent Scholar. "Isaiah Berlin, William Morris, and the Politics of Utopia"

7D: Appoaches to Planned Societies

Anna Marie Brooks, Independent Scholar. "Utopia Goes Hollywood: The Utopian Society of America, Inc."
Michael Orth, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. "Building Todos Santos"
Ram N. Singh, Grand Valley State University. "Developing Visions for a World Community: A Utopian Dream Based on Histo-Cognitive Approach"
Andy Smith, Middle Tennessee State University. "Simple Gifts: Work, Play, and the Economy of Pleasure"

Coffee Break: 10:00-10:15

SESSION 8: 10:15 - 12:00

8A: Utopia and the Law

Shulamit Almog & Ariel L. Bendor, Haifa University. "The Slates of Law: Legal Scholars as Utopians"
Scott Bates, University of the South. "Clarence Darrow, Sociobiology, and the Utopian Belief in Free Will"
Marilyn Garber & Steve Riskin, California State University-Dominguez Hills. "Freedom of Speech and the First Ammendment: The U.S. Supreme Court's Utopian Vision in New York Times v. Sullivan and its Progeny"
Miranda Spieler, Columbia University. "The Utopia of the Penal Colony"

8B: The Russian and Soviet Experience

Christopher K. Cosner, DePauw University. "Fedor's Sologub's A Legend in Creation and the Refracted Ideal"
Erika Gottlieb, Seneca College. "Speculative Fiction Returns from Exile: Vladimir Voinovich's Moscow 2042"
Michelle Patterson, University of Toronto. "Dead Souls": Female Unemployment and the Bolshevik Utopian Experiment
Bernice G. Rosenthal, Fordham University. "The Utopian Vision of an Orthodox Theologian"

8C: Re-Examining American History
Philip Abbott, Wayne State University. "Assessing America in the Fifties: Eisenhower as King Utopus"
Kaz Dziamka, Albuquerque TVI. "Jefferson's Arcadian Dream"
James A. Spiller, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Conservative Utopianism and American Cold War Therapeutic Culture"
Hoda Zaki & Alex Willingham, Hood College & Williams College. "What is Egypt to Me? Egypt in the Political Imaginary of Selected Black Political Theorists"

8D: Multimedia Utopias: Cartoons, Comics, and Imagined Communities
Bryan Alexander, Centenary University.
Ron Kates, Middle Tennessee State University.
Pete McCluskey, Middle Tennessee State University.

Lunch and Business Meeting 12:15 - 2:00 (Burrard)

SESSION 9 2:00 - 3:45

9A: Colonialism

Dominic Alessio, Richmond, The American International University in London. "Close Encounters of the Earliest Kind: A Postcolonial Sighting of the First Aliens and Colony in SF/Utopianism"
Nina Chordas, University of Vermont. "Utopia, Ethnography, and Conquest"
Eva C. Karpinski, York University. "African Mindscapes: A Critique of Western Ethnographic Utopias in Marlene Nourbese Philip's Looking for Livingstone"

9B: Re-Presentations of Utopia in Writing by Women

Jennifer A. Hudson, Southern Connecticut State University. "Taking Her Body: The Woman Writer in Our Land and Herland"
Carol Kessler, Penn State/Delaware County Campus. "Representing 'Paradise" in 1999": Toni Morrison's Controversial Novel"
Lee Khanna, Montclair State University. "Representing Paradise in 1611/1616: Ben Johnson and Aemilya Lanyer"

9C: Ethics and Pragmatism

Adriana Corrado, Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa. "Ethics and English Literary Utopias: Hints of Reflection and Reconsideration"
Farhang Erfani, Villanova University. "Pragmatism, Politics and Utopia"
Gilbert Fulmer, Southwest Texas State University. "Utopian Ethics for the Next Millennium: Deontological or Utilitarian?"

9D: Working Toward a Eutopia Through Peer Mentoring


Holly Angelique, Pennsylvania State University
Ken Kyle, Pennsylvania State University
Ed Taylor, Pennsylvania State University

SESSION 10: 4:00-6:00
10A: Bellamy and Others

Mike Bellamy, University of St. Thomas. "Edward Bellamy's 'Little Rebellion ': The Duke of Stockbridge"
George Connor, Southwest Missouri State University. "Looking Backward at Plato's Allegory of the Cave"
Rob Vaughan, University of Hawaii. "Dream Workers: Order & Resistance in Edward Bellamy's Vision of the Working-Class Future, 1888-1897"
Ron Sakolsky, University of Illinois-Springfield. "Utopia at Your Doorstep: Vachel Lindsay's Golden Book of Springfield"

10B: The Natural World

Chair: Sandra Hinchman, St. Lawrence University

Dean N. Birch, John Carroll University. "Reconstructive Utopian Thinking: Social Ecology as Ecotopia"
Charles Mitchell, Elmira College. "The Landscape of Utopia"
Lynda H. Schneekloth, State University of New York -Buffalo. "Are There Plants in Utopia?"
Johanne Sloan, McGill University-Montreal. "The Utopian Flower: John Ruskin, George Sand, and the Aesthetics of Botany"

10C: Literary Utopias of 17th Century England

Ana M. Acosta, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. "Only on the Moon: John Wilkins and the Search for a Perfect Language"
Jarod Aragona, University of Arizona. "Golden Utopias in Richard Hakluyt's Principle Navigations"
Rachel Warburton, University of Alberta. " 'And what rough beast, its hour come round at last': Seventeenth-Century Millennialism and the Grammar of Desire"
Steve R. Zimmerman, Independent Scholar. "From Dystopia to Utopia: The Christian Allegory of Pilgrimage in A Journal of the Plague Year and The Pilgrim's Progress"

10D: Marxist Perspectives

Ian Buchanan, The University of Tasmania. "The Future in Cinema"
Roger Paden, George Mason University. "Utopian Socialism and Contemporary Urban Planning"
Daniel Soloff, Antioch University-Seattle. "Marxism: A Flawed Utopia?"
Kathi Weeks, Fairfield University. "Marxism, Productivism, and Post-Work Utopias"


Continental Breakfast (7:30-8:30)
Activity (TBA)


Abbott, Philip 8C
Abrash, Merritt 2D
Acosta, Ana 10C
Alessio, Dominic 9A
Alexander, Bryan 8D
Almog, Shulamit 8A
Anderson, Andrea 5D
Angelique, Holly 9D
Aragona, Jarod 10C
Aspel, Joyce 3A
Barbaret, John 4B
Barrio-Olano, José Ignacio 4A
Barnhart, Joe E.
Bates, Scott 8A
Battaglia, Beatrice 2D
Beauchamp, Gorman IB
Bellamy, Mike 10A
Bendor, Ariel L. 8A
Birch, Dean 10B
Bingaman, Amy 7C
Breton, Rob 7C
Brooks, Anna Marie 7D
Buchanan, Ian 10D
Burwell, Jennifer 4C
Caldwell, Larry
Caza, Brian P.3A
Chordas, Nina 9A
Christopher, Frank 6B
Coleman, Nathaniel 3B
Comellini, Carla 4C
Connor, George 10A
Corrado, Adriana 9C
Cosner, Christopher K. 8B
Davis, Octavia IA
Davis, Laurence 7C
Downs-Miers, Deborah W. 7A
Dziamka, Kaz 8C
Erfani, Farhang 9C
Erlich, Richard D. 7B
Firchow, Peter 4D
Fitting, Peter 5A, 6C
Fogarty, Robert 6B
Friesen, Bruce
Friesen, John W.
Fulmer, C. Lynne 4B
Fulmer, Gilbert 9C
Furlani, André 2B
Garber, Marilyn 8A
Gaviraghi, Giorgio
Giesecke, Annette 3B
Goldberg, Nancy Sloan 6E
Gottlieb, Erika 8B
Grélé, Denis D. 7A
Groner, Marlene San Miguel 5C
Grubb, Michael 4C
Guarneri, Carl 1B
Hardesty, William 2B
Hinchman, Sandra 10B
Hudson, Jennifer 9B
Hume, Kit 3C
Jackson, Michael 6D
Jacobs, Naomi 1C, 6C
Jenkins, Philip 4D
Jessen, Britta 3C
Johns, Alessa 6A
Johnson, Greg 5B
Jones, Raina 5C
Kallman, Theodore IB
Karpinski, Eva 9A
Kates, Ron 8D
Kern, Louis J. IB
Kessler, Carol 9B
Khanna, Lee 9B
Kolmerten, Carol 6B
Kopp, James J. 2A
Kuhlmann, Hilke 7B
Kuszai, Joel IA
Kyle, Ken 9D
Lakowski, Romuald Ian 6D
Leibacher, Lise 1A, 7A
Lutz, Alfred IC
MacDonald, Alex 5D
Maillet, Greg 7B
Majkut, Paul 2A
Mascia, Mark J. 4A
Marín, Mari Carmen 3D
Marsh, Bill, IA
Mayer, Bruce H. 7A
McCluskey, Pete 8D
McEvoy, Carmen IC
Mitchell, Charles 10B
Mitchell, Kevin 3B
Moichi, Yoriko 2B
Moylan, Tom 6C
Myzelev, Alla 5A
O'Brien, Dermot 2C
O'Connor, John T.
Orth, Michael 7D
Paden, Roger 10D
Paro, Maria Clara 2D
Partington, John 4D
Patterson, Michelle 8B
Perez, Tina 2D
Pike, David L. 5A
Pohl, Nicole 3B, 6A
Ralston, Shane J. 5B
Ramiro Avilés, Miguel A.4A
Rigsby, Ellen IB
Riskin, Steve 8A
Roemer, Ken 2B
Romein, Tunis 4C
Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer 8B
Sabia, Dan 3C
Sakolsky, Ron 10A
Sandoval, Ciro A. 3D
Sands, Peter 3A
Sargent, Lyman Tower
Sargisson, Lucy 6C
Schneekloth, Lynda 10B
Schwedler, Jillian 2C
Shishin, Alex 3D
Singh, Ram 7D
Sloan, Johanne 10B
Smith, Andy 7D
Soloff, Dan IC, 2D, 10D
Spencer, Nick 3A
Spieler, Miranda 8A
Spiller, James A. 8C
Stratton, Susan 6A
Taylor, Ed 9D
Togman, Jeffrey M. 2C
Totaro, Rebecca 2B, 6D
Toth, Csaba 4B
Vaughan, Rob 10A
Velcic, Vlatka 3D
Wagman, James 5B
Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer 3C
Warburton, Rachel 10C
Weeks, Kathi 10D
Wegner, Philip E. 2A
Willingham, Alex 8C
Zaki, Hoda 8C
Zimmerman, Steve R. 10C
Zukas, Alex 2A
Zupancic, Metka 6A


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