The Society For Utopian Studies


25th Annual Meeting
Vancouver, B.C.
October 21, 2000

  1. Welcome
    The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by Naomi Jacobs, chair of the Steering Committee.

  2. Vancouver Report
    Naomi thanked and congratulated Andrea Anderson and Nancy Goldberg on their work as co-chairs of the meeting. A potential profit of $1000 was estimated for this meeting.

  3. Awards
    There was no Distinguished Scholar Award this year. Conference packets include a call for nominating letters. The Arthur O. Lewis Award for the best essay delivered by an untenured scholar at the 24th annual meeting of the Society (San Antonio, 1999) was awarded to Gib Prettyman, for "Incorporation in the Gilded Age Utopian Imagination." The Battisti Award for best essay(s) in Volume 10 of Utopian Studies was awarded to Nicholas M. Williams for "The Limits of Spatialized Form: Visibility and Obscurity in Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward" and Matthew Hartman for "Utopian Evolution: The Sentimental Critique of Social Darwinism in Bellamy and Pierce." The Distinguished Service Award was given posthumously to Larry E. Hough, for whom the award will also be named. This new award was approved at last year's meeting. Naomi read Art Lewis' moving tribute to Larry, which will be published in a future issue of Utopus Discovered.

  4. By-laws Change
    It was moved and seconded that the Distinguished Service Award be re-named in Larry's honor. Current language in section 3D of the Bylaws: "The Distinguished Service Award is given for substantial achievement in support of utopian studies, broadly defined. . . ." Revised language: "The Larry E. Hough Distinguished Service Award is given for substantial achievement in support of utopian studies, broadly defined. . . . " This motion passed unanimously.

  5. Report of the Nominating Committee
    As the Nominating Committee had forwarded no recommendations this year, the Steering Committee served as an ad hoc nominating committee. Naomi Jacobs was asked to serve another term as Chair of the Steering Committee. Ana Acosta and Erika Gottlieb were nominated as at-large members of the Steering Committee. Annette Gomis and Dan Sabia were nominated for three-year terms on the Awards Committee. Ken Roemer has agreed to serve an additional one-year term on the Awards Committee and to chair the committee for this year. This is a little irregular, but it would prevent our having three members cycling out in 2003 and having to ask a new member to chair. Tom Moylan was nominated as chair of the Nominating Committee. There were no nominations from the floor, and these individuals were elected by acclamation.

  6. Treasurer's Report
    Naomi reported for Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor that our balance as of the date of the conference was $31, 000. With the projected revenue from the conference, it should grow to about $32, 500. After additions and deductions for the conference income / costs, the balance should be around $27, 000. The typesetting of Utopian Studies 11.1 has been paid for, but not the printing. The print run has been cut by 100 this time; it is a smaller issue.

  7. Membership report
    Lyman Tower Sargent reported that there are 315 members of the sociery, of which 69 are student and 65 institutions. At $45.00/member, we would generate $14, 175. The student memberships are subsidized by the regular memberships, which costs us $1, 575. If we increase institutional memberships to $75 (still inexpensive for an institution), that will off-set the loss from subsidizing the student and underemployed memberships by an additional $1, 950. The Steering Committee presented a motion to raise the institutional memberships to $75, starting with 2002. This motion was approved.

  8. Future Meetings
    The 2001 meeting of the SUS will be held in Buffalo, N.Y. from October 4-7. The Local Chair is Lynda Schneekloth, Dept. of Architecture, SUNY-Buffalo. The Program Chair is Phillip Wegner, Department of English, University of Florida. The conference hotel is conveniently located downtown, and there is subway access downtown. Buffalo will be a good site for SUS in 2001 because of the anniversary of the Pan-American Exhibition. Discussions are under way for a 2003 conference in San Diego.

  9. Utopian Studies
    Lyman Tower Sargent reported that nothing much has changed this year in the publication of Utopian Studies. We are receiving about $1000 a year in royalties from our on-line services. Some referees and reviewers have been slow. Issue 11.1 has been sent out. Issue 11.2 will be typeset on schedule. Lyman will be on leave in New Zealand from December 2000-May 2001.

  10. Utopus Discovered
    Carrie Hintz, Nicole Pohl and Toby Widdicombe will continue as co-editors. Brenda Tooley is doing the web site for Utopus Discovered. The co-editors welcome suggestions from the membership, and are continuing to look for submissions. The newsletter will now include a special page devoted to international news, including the news of the British Society for Utopian Studies, which does not yet have its own newsletter. Utopus Discovered will now also include a segment devoted to exhibition reviews.

  11. SUS Internet Presence
    The formation of an SUS H-Net is underway, organized by Peter Sands and Bryan Alexander. H-Net is a more scholarly forum and our SUS listserve there will be moderated, unlike Utopia-L, which is an unmoderated list including many non-members of the society. We will be hiring someone to update the website. Suggestions for revisions should go to Peter Fitting.

  12. Directory
    Information has been collected from the on-line form for the Directory of Utopian Scholars, and Lynn Williams left us a great deal of information in other forms. We welcome volunteers willing to take on this task of compiling and updating this information.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45.
Respectfully submitted,Naomi Jacobs
Chair of the Steering Committee



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