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About WebNotice:
Submitting/Posting Notices

WebNotice is a Web-based system for distributing information about seminars, colloquia and other events posted by some U of T departments and units. This document describes how to submit seminar notices. Accessing the posted seminar notices are described elsewhere.

Only authorized users can submit seminar notices. If you or your department wishes to use this system, contact the WebNotice administrator.

Step 1: Select the Department

On the WebNotice homepage, select Add a notice. Select the department your account is authorized to post notices for. Press the Create Seminar Notice button to access the fill-in form.

Step 2: Fill-in the Form

The items below marked with an asterisk [*] are madatory. If you are unsure of what enter in a field, put in something like "To Be Announced". You can fill in this information at a later date. You can type beyond the "edge" of any box.

* Organization:
In most cases this will be just "Department" although some users have created sub-departmental categories.
* Event Type:
Select the event type from the pull-down list. If your event does not fit one of the categories, select Miscellaneous Event.
* Time and Date:
Use the suggested formats for the time and date. (At a later stage, the program checks to make sure these formats are valid and will not accept a posting until times and dates are in the specified formats).
* Location:
Enter the location and room number of the talk. Complicated (directional) instructions are best entered in the Other Information section (see below).
* Speaker:
Provide the name of the speaker.
* Affiliation:
Enter the speaker's affiliation. If a speaker is affiliated with multiple departments or institutions, enter them on separate lines.
* Title of Talk:
Enter the title of the talk.
* Talk Abstract:
Enter the talk abstract.
Other Information:
Enter any extra information, such as: when coffee and doughnuts will be served, detailed directions to the seminar, etc.
Talk Sponsor:
The name of a particular individual or organization sponsoring the presentation.
Contact for Additional Information:
Enter information in the fields provided. It is strongly recommeded that contact information be included. If someone notices an error in your posting, they will know who to contact.

Step 3: Press the Preview Notice Button

Press the Preview Notice button after you have completed the form. If the form is incomplete or incorrect you will be presented with a list of the errors at the top of the page. Make the necessary corrections and press the Preview Notice button again.

If the form is complete and correct you will be presented with a preview of the information as it will be seen by users. Please check over the information carefully! If it is satisfactory select the Yes option and press the Submit button at the top of the page. You will be prompted for your username and password. Make sure you enter your username and password correctly as you will have to re-do the entire process if either value is wrong! Press Accept to deposit the entry.

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