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About WebNotice:
Cancelling Notices

WebNotice is a Web-based system for distributing information about seminars, colloquia and other events posted by some U of T departments and units. This document describes how to submit seminar notices. Accessing the posted seminar notices are described elsewhere.

Only authorized users can canel seminar notices. If you or your department wishes to use this system, contact the WebNotice administrator.

Cancelling an event is not the same as deleting an event. A cancelled event will still be listed but it will be clearly marked as cancelled. A deleted event is permanently removed from the WebNotice system.

Use Cancel is situations where an event has been publicized for some time and many people may be aware of it. Leaving the notice in the system with a clear indication that the event has been cancelled will, hopefully, inconvenience fewer people.

Use Delete if the event has only been posted for a very short time or you have entered the same event twice. See the delete documentaion for more information on deleting a notice.

If you are using the mailing list (e.g., LISTSERV) feature of WebNotice, cancellations have to be made AT LEAST the day BEFORE the scheduled date of the event (the mailing list feature runs once a day--around midnight).

Step 1: Select the Department

On the WebNotice homepage, select Cancel a notice. Select the department your account is authorized to cancel notices for. Press the Get List button. This will return you a list of notices that are available for cancellation.

Step 2: Select the Notice

The posted notices are listed in brief. Click on the notice you wish to cancel. A preview of the seminar notice will be displayed along with yes / no options, and a text window into which you can (optionally) type a reason for the cancellation. Press the Submit button to register your cancellation request (If the no option has been selected, the notice will not be cancelled).

You will be prompted for your username and password. Make sure you enter your username and password correctly as you will have to re-do the entire process if either value is wrong! Press Submit to complete the cencellation process.

You may want to verify that the event has been cancelled by checking the event listing for your department.

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