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WebNotice System Overview


WebNotice is a web-based system for posting seminar, colloquia and other event notices. Notices can be posted, modified, cancelled and deleted by authorized users only. Event postings can be viewed from the WebNotice website for specified departments and can be further distributed by email mailing lists.

How WebNotice Works

An academic (department or faculty) or administrative unit should contact the WebNotice administrator who will establish a "superuser" account (username and password). The superuser can then create "regular" accounts (username and password) for staff who post the actual notices. (In small departments the superuser and regular accounts may belong to the same person. In large departments several people my be allowed to post events.)

WebNotice Features

  • Authorized users can post notices anytime--from any computer connected to the Internet. After posting, notices are immediately available for viewing by selecting the appropriate department from the list. Posting an event is as simple as filling in a form on a webpage.

  • Changes to events (cancelling, updating, moving to a new date) are immediately updated (see also the next point regarding mailing list distribution).

  • If there is a departmental e-mail list (i.e., a LISTSERV address) notification of posted events (including event changes) can be automatically sent to everyone on the list.

  • A link to notices can be easily integrated into a departmental website. For example, see the Zoology Department events page (Seminars -- | This Week | This Month | This Year | ).

  • Past events (older than the current week) are automatically deleted.

  • Events posted in WebNotice are also forwarded to .

  • Individual event notices can be printed (by anyone viewing a notice) in a format suitable for posting on a departmental bulletin board. This is especially handy for departments spread over several buildings.

  • Notices are formatted (both in print and on the Web) in a consistent format.

WebNotice Author

The WebNotice System was written by Ian Graham, who at the time worked for the Information Commons, University of Toronto. Ian is no longer with the University. Click here for information about the current WebNotice administrator.

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