Dostoevsky Studies     Volume 4, 1983

René Wellek - On Account of His 80th Birthday

Professor Wellek!

There could be no better way to close this Dostoevsky Symposium than to celebrate again the birthday of our Honorary President on the last day of our meeting. Indeed, one might be forgiven for thinking that our Symposia are timed to celebrate your birthday.

It is not my purpose to deliver an academic speech, but simply to assure you, as the acknowledged master of literary criticism and a specialist on Dostoevsky, of our deep gratitude for your constant interest in the meetings and the work of our Society.

I am sure that all our members are looking forward to your presence and encouragement at our next meeting in England in three years' time, where we hope to celebrate your birthday again and once again to wish you many happy returns of the day!


Michel Cadot- President elect of IDS

Cerisy-la-Salle, Monday, August 22, 1983

University of Toronto