Innis Town Hall

University of Toronto

Rental Information

Technical Specifications

The cinema has 200 permanent plush seats. The screen is 15 1/2 feet high and 35 1/2 feet wide, with horizontally adjustable masking.

35mm film projectors: two "reel-to-reel" Ballantyne projectors with 2000W Xenon lamps and Dolby Digital digital sound heads.

Eiki EX-6000 16mm pedestal projector with silent speed and sound speed options

video projector: Christie CP2000-M digital cinema projector (11 000 ANSI lumens)

Dolby DSS Cinema Server

video sound receiver: Gefen AV Cinema Scaler Pro II with Dolby Digital Pro Logic II.

35mm & Betacam sound: Dolby CP 500 Digital Cinema Processor


Video playback available for:

Digital Betacam (NTSC & PAL)

Betacam SX (NTSC & PAL)

Betacam SP (NTSC & PAL)

DVCam & miniDV (NTSC & PAL)

Blu-ray (region 'A')

DVD (NTSC & PAL, all regions)

VHS (multistandard)