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September 29-October 2

Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival. Visit the festival's website for more information:

Tuesday October 5

Woodsworth College lecture

Wednesday October 6

An evening of Stan Brakhage's work, currated by Bart Testa, sponsored by Innis Town Hall, CINSSU, and Cinema Studies. 7:30pm, free admission.

Friday October 8

CINSSU presents a Free Friday Film: The Blue Angel (Von Sternberg, 1930, 107 mins). 7pm, free admission.

Wednesday October 13

"So What Are You Rebelling Against?" Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter discuss their new book, The Rebel Sell, which exlores the myth of counterculture. This event is part of the University of Toronto Bookstore's Reading Series. 7:30pm, free admission. For more information, visit:

Thursday October 14th

Screening of "Amelie" with lecture by Dudley Andrews

Friday October 15

CINSSU presents a Free Friday Film: Morocco (Von Sternberg, 1930, 91 mins), part of the Sternberg/Dietrich series. 7pm, free admission.
"The first Sternberg/Dietrich collaboration: a delicate romance between a legionnaire and a woman with a past, set in a claustrophobic, studio-built Morocco. For all the melodramatic qualities of script and performances, it's also a perfectly realistic examination of the perils of desire and an affirmation of l'amour fou, rooted deeply in emotional reality. Sternberg's direction is stunningly evocative, and Dietrich is sublime; the film also gives her one of her best cabaret numbers." Alex Jacoby

October 15-17

Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival (Oct. 15--17). For a schedule of films and ticket information, please visit

Monday October 18

Columbia Tristar & Innis College present a preview screening of The Grudge (starring TV's Sarah Michelle Gellar). 9:30pm, free admission. Pass holders admitted first, general admittance to follow as space allows.

Tuesday October 19

The Polish Students' Association at the Univeristy of Toronto invites you to a movie night. We will be showing a thriller directed by Wojciech Wojcik, The Last Mission, starring Peter J. Lucas and Ewa Gorzelak. 7pm, free admission.
Storyline: A professional killer, acting in the name of French government agencies, decides to return to Poland to remove a certain Muran, a Warsaw potentate and financier. The French mafia, to whom Muran owes a lot of money, considers the head of this Polish businessman to be worth a million Francs...

To contact the PSA email

Thursday October 21

Journalists for Human Rights present 'Benjamin and His Brother', an award winning film about child soldiers in Sudan. After the film there will be a Q & A session with a panel of Sudanese human rights experts. All proceeds will go to efforts to end genocide in the Darfur region. There is a recommended minimum donation of $10 for admission. Doors at 6:30pm. For more information, please visit:

Friday October 22

CINSSU presents a Free Friday Film: The Devil is a Woman (Von Sternberg, 1935, 79 mins). 7pm, free admission.
"Dietrich plays a Spanish femme fatale who comes between two friends in the last of her films with Sternberg. As in other Sternberg/Dietrich collaborations, the screen is bursting with the director's outrageous cinematic invention, which for all its artifice conjures into life the most powerful emotions. The lavish studio sets owe nothing to historical Spain and everything to a passionate, impulsive Iberia of the imagination, amid which dances Dietrich's face: a mask of desire and indifference, cruelty and lust, shadows and light." --SF Said

Saturday October 23

Geoffrey Payzant Memorial Tribute

Sunday October 24

Campus Co-op Meeting

Tuesday October 26

Pleasure Dome and Vtape present "Political Advertisements VI: 1956-2004."
8pm, $5 at door.

Come draw your own conclusions from Political Advertisements VI. For twenty years, Antonio Muntadas and Marshall Reese have been collecting and compiling American Presidental campaign ads from the 1950s onward; this latest installment is updated to include a few choice selections from the current Bush/Kerry joust. Presented chronologically, without authorial comment or modification, the spots speak volumes about the environment that birthed them. A must for mediahounds, armchair historians, activists, and even apolitical aesthetes (the camp value of the older ads is not to be denied).

For more information contact Pleasure Dome (

Wednesday October 27

CINSSU's Majestic Nights

Thursday October 28

The U of T bookstore presents "Hockey Night in Toronto: Bill Boyd, Paul D. Grant, Wayne Scanlan, and Kevin Shea - with host Stephen Brunt." Four writers discuss their new books. 7:30pm, free admission.
For more information:

Friday October 29

CINSSU presents a Free Friday Film: Don't Look Now (Roeg, 1973, 110 mins). Starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. 7pm, free admission.
"Sutherland and Christie are superbly understated as the bereaved couple trying to cope with the drowning of their daughter, by immersing themselves--perhaps ill-advisedly--in a city of canals. They can't seem to get away from the lingering trauma of the event, which merges supernaturally with warning of future disaster. Elliptical and unforgettable, it's a defining filmic treatment of both Venice and marital love."
--Tim Robey

Saturday October 30

Indian (Bengali/Hindi) Film Festival, presented by the Centre for South Asian Studies at U of T, and the South Asian Studies Programme at New College, U of T.
Also screening films on Saturday November 6. For more information visit the following website:

Sunday October 31

Aron Tanny Scholarship event

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