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Joseph Schallert

Associate Professor, Slavic Linguistics

121 St. Joseph Street, Room 409

tel: 416-926-1300 ext. 3246

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Research Interests:

Primary research fields: Balkan Slavic dialects, Slavic accentology.
Secondary research fields: West Slavic prosody, Old Russian syntax
Current projects: Accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects, Morpho-lexical isoglosses in Balkan Slavic dialects.



Ph.D., The University of California, Berkeley, 1984
M.A., The University of California, Berkeley, 1979 - Slavic Linguistics
M.A., Yale University, 1974 - Classics
B.A., The University of Southern California - 1973

Courses Taught:

SLA220 - Intermediate Russian
SLA255 - Slavic Languages: Unity and Diversity
SLA256 - Slavic Folklore
SLA320 - Advanced Russian
HUM199 - From Gibraltar to the Ganges: In Search of Linguistics Origins
HUM199 - Of Firebirds and Other Wonders: Introduction to Slavic Folklore
SLA330/1104/1109 - Old Church Slavonic
SLA452/1105 - Structure of Russian
SLA1001 - History of Russian
SLA1103 - Comparative South Slavic Linguistics
SLA1110 - Comparative and Historical Slavic Linguistics
SLA2001 - Problems in Bulgarian Dialectology

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