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Photo of Professor Ambros

Veronika Ambros

Associate Professor, Czech

Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street, Room 405

tel: 416-926 1300 ext. 3200 ~ fax: 416-926 9751

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Research Interests:

My research includes the theories of the Prague linguistic circle, their precursors the Russian formalists and their successors, most prominently the Tartu School around Yuri Lotman. The conference Structuralism(s) Today. Paris, Prague, Tartu organized by the Center, as well as the eponymous volume published in 2009 confirm their relevance and versatility. My main subject of inquiry however is semiotics in general and semiotics of drama and theatre in particular. Another part of my research is connected with the cityscape of Prague as the place that used to be an important center of Czech as well as German literature, and Russian émigré culture. Prague serves as a base to explore the relationship between urban space and fiction, between multiculturalism and nationalism, between center and margins. Furthermore, imaginary creatures, which appear on stage and screen, inform my enquiry about the functions of intermediality, especially of the relationship of fine arts, and architecture with cinema, and theatre.



M.A., Ph.D., Free University, Berlin

Courses Taught:

SLA1307 - Theatre and Cinema in Extremis: Staging Twentieth Century Aesthetics and Politics
SLA1601 - Modern Czech Fiction
SLA1602 - Czech Syntax and Style
SLA1603 - Lifting the Iron Curtain: Czech Culture of the Sixties
SLA1603 - Modern Czech Drama
SLA1604 - History of Czech Verbal Art
SLA1606 - Czech Short Story
SLA1608 - On the Waves of the Avant-Garde
COL5012 - Readings in Czech and Russian Literary Theory
COL5037 - Magic Prague
COL5039 - Of Laughter and Forgetting in the Work of Milan Kundera
COL5062 - Prague School Semiotics of Drama, Theatre and Cinema in Contemporary Context

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