Video Trick

Video Trick is a program written by Bob Corson <> that allows you to easily see what was the last trick completed in a 20 second trick pass.

For Video Jump software tools please see

Downloads: Click here for

Notes on installing the vtt04v5n...
extract the zip file
Run the Setup program.

NEVER change the "path" where you store the captures, make sure that directory exists before you run the program, and NEVER delete the folder or you may not be able to start the program until you delete the CapturePro registry key!!!!

Not supported under Vista yet.

Certain anti-spyware and antivirus programs can interfere with operation and even installation. Zonealarm has been known to prevent installation. anti-virus and other programs can rob a machine of CPU cycles and cause dropped frames and other delays resulting in poor capturing. It is recommended that realtime protection, programs that check for updates and other similar applications be not running when you are using the capture programs.

Bob Corson's web site is at