Getting To Carbon Neutral

A Guide for Canadian Municipalities

Our latest project, aims to stretch the knowledge on sustainable urban design and package it in a way that can help Canadian municipalities become carbon neutral.

The Guide

We have released the Getting to Carbon Neutral Guide and an Executive Summary. Find out more about the guide on TRCA's website.

The guide includes tips and tools for reducing urban carbon footprints using easy to use estimation guidelines. We have also collected information on examples of the top carbon reduction projects worldwide. If you would like to tell us about a project please fill out this form.

The Carbon Neutral City Planner

We have released a web-based tool that allows users to plan and test their municipal carbon strategy. Find out more here.

Explore our Database of Case Studies

You can use the map below to learn about the projects we studied in the course of completing the guide.
Project Categories:
Transportation / Land Use Buildings Water/Wastewater Energy
Carbon Sequestration Solid Waste Sustainable Community