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International Year of Older Persons

the Toronto Project

September 2000 Report

A City for All Ages: fact or fiction?
Effects of Government Policy Decisions on the Quality of Life of Toronto Seniors

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A City for All Ages: fact or fiction?
Effects of Government Policy Decisions on the Quality of Life of Toronto Seniors

Toronto Project Team
Editors and Authors
Executive Summary
Part I  The Seniors' Quality of Life Project 
Chapter 1   Overview, Background and Policy Context 
Chapter 2   What We Did
Part II What Seniors Said
Chapter 3    Hearing Seniors' Voices
Chapter 4    Living In Toronto: Housing
Chapter 5    Being Ill in Toronto: Acute Health Care
Chapter 6    Living in Toronto: Long Term Care
Chapter 7    Living in Toronto: Income Security
Chapter 8    Getting Around: Transportation
Chapter 9    Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Chapter 10  Living in Toronto: Access to Information
Chapter 11  Living in Toronto: Our Cultural Diversity
Chapter 12  Living in Toronto: Informal Caregiving, Dental Care, and Elder Abuse
Chapter 13  Summary and Implications
Part III  Making Quality of Life Happen
Chapter 14  Activities and Actions
Chapter 15  Contacting Elected Representatives
Part IV References and Resources
Other Resources and References
The Project Website
Part V Appendices
A   Advisory Committee Members
B   Associate Organizations
C   Focus Groups Held
D   United Nations Principles For Older Persons
E    Recommendations



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