Go Global Guide

Faculty and Staff

How to use the guide
Students • Program administrators

Choosing a program that is right for you
Travel aptitude • Setting goals • Explore options

Budgeting and money matters
Setting a budget • Accessing money while overseas • Fundraisings & scholarships

Preparing documents
Passport • Visa • What documents to take

Health issues
Immunization and travel care • Extending OHIP • Travel insurance

Emergency contact and support information
Who is your contact? • What do they do? • Power of attorney • Additional support • Evacuation

Preparing documents • What to and what not to bring • Carry on luggage

Travel tips
Safety reminders • Adjusting to new cultures

Site specifics
Health • Political • Social

Culture shock
What is it? • How do I prepare for it? • How do I minimize the effects?

Issues of diversity
Race • Women's travel tips • LGBT students

Re-entry shock • How to use your international experience

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