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Instructions for students

Please note that in some browsers, the Database may not appear to be a secure website. Make sure that your browser enables you to access it. For more details, contact

To log on, students must first be registered in the database. Please contact your activity sponsor (eg. research supervisor, program coordinator) to ensure that an account has been set up for you.

Your username is your student number

Your password is your date of brith (ddmmyy)

Please note that you will be asked to update your password the first time you register. Once you have updated your password (the fields will go blank and at the bottom of the screen a message will tell you that the update was successful), please return to the log in screen and relog in with the new password. Record the new password in a secure place.

To successfully update your personal information, you will be required to enter information in all the required fields (marked with *).

It may be necessary to update information while abroad. Please update the database with local information (telephone number, address) as early as possible.

Information Updates and Emergency Assistace

This information is used to assist the Safety Abroad Office in managing the University out-of-country programs. Periodically, it may be necessary for the university to communicate with you regarding health and safety issues and/ or updates abroad. Similarly, students that have registered with the Safety Abroad Database may contact the Safety Advisor in an emergency. To initiate our safety abroad emergency plan, please contact campus police, providing them with your name, student number, telephone number where you can be reached and a brief description regarding the reason for the call. The appropriate staff member will call you back as early as possible.

Students may also use this information while abroad. Please note, however, students may not be able to log on to certain computers, particularly those that do not meet the browser requirements.

If you would like more information on how the information is used or stored in the database is used please contact the safety abroad advisor.

IMPORTANT!! Don't forget to update your local contact information while abroad.

Faculty and staff

Staff and faculty that administer out of country student activities can request a Safety Abroad Activty Sponsor user id and password. This will allow you to create student accounts, enabling students to register on line. (For staff and faculty that do not regularly send students out of country, the safety abroad office may be able to create the student accounts for you.)

To create a student record, please check to see if the Institution Contact for the host destination has been created. If not, go to the Institution link and add a new record. Please be sure to provide the destination country. Once this information has been entered you will be promted to add a contact link for this institution. If applicable, this is the name of someone overseas from the host institutue that would be able to provide assistance in an emergency. Save this information.

Once the host institutuion has been created, please go to the Student link, click, and "add a new record'. You need to provide the student name, student mumber and date of birth. Once saved, you will be promted to add the student program information. If you are told that a Student Already Exists, please go to the home sceen and click "add an existing student". Afterwards, please notify the student that they can now log on. (see directions above).

If you have any questions, pelase do not hesitiate to contact the safety abroad advisor.

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