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WebNotice System
Administration Home Page

This is the administration page for the WebNotice system. From this page you can:

1. Add a new "regular" username and password

Only superusers can create a new regular username along with an initial password (the regular user can then use the next tool to change the password).
NOTE: Create a new username and password before associating it with a posting department.

2. Change "regular" username passwords

Superusers cannot modify their own (or anybody else's) password.
For a review of the operation of the system, see the Administrative Overview documents.

3. Modify Department and Group Information

Only superusers can modify information for a registered department or organization. Use this tool to: To get a list of allowed newsgroups and listserv names, select one of the following:

newsgroups * listservs

To add a newsgroup or listserv, contact the WebNotices administrator. See the WebNotice Administrative Overview document for more details.

To modify departmental information, select your department from the list below and press the Get Info button.

Select Your Department:

  Department of Cell and Systems Biology
  Department of Chemistry
  Department of Computer Science
  Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Faculty of Medicine
  Department of Geology
  Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  Knowledge Media Design Institute
  Department of Mathematics
  Molecular and Cellular Biology Research
  Department of Statistics
  X-Notices System Testing

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