Recent Publications 


  • David A. Wolfe and Meric S. Gertler, "Globalization and Economic Restructuring in Ontario: From Industrial Heartland to Learning Region?", European Planning Studies, vol 9, no. 3, June 2001.
    Paper: TABLE 1, TABLE 2, TABLE 3, TABLE 4

  • Meric S. Gertler, "Tacit Knowledge and the Economic Geography of Context or The Undefinable Tacitness of Being (There)," paper presented at the Nelson and Winter DRUID Summer Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, June 12-15, 2001.

  • Meric S. Gertler, David A.Wolfe and David Garkut, "No Place Like Home? The embeddedness of innovation in a regional economy", Review of International Political Economy, 2000, 30 pp., 2 tables, 7 figures.
  • David A. Wolfe, "Networking Among Regions: Ontario and The Four Motors For Europe." European Planning Studies 8:3, 2000.

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