Presentations & Policy Documents

  • David A Wolfe and Tijs Creutzberg, "Community Participation and Multilevel Governance in Economic Development Policy" December 2003. Executive Summary - Paper
  • Meric S. Gertler, A Region in Transition: The Changing Structure of Toronto's Regional Economy. Toronto: Programme in Planning, Department of Geography, University of Toronto. A report to the Neptis Foundation 'Portrait of a Region' Project (with the assistance of Yael Levitte, Denise Moylan, and Greg Spencer), March 2000.
  • Meric S. Gertler, "Self-Determination for Toronto: What are the Economic Conditions and Do They Exist?", in M.W. Rowe (ed.) Toronto: Considering Self-Government. Owen Sound: Ginger Press, 2000, pp. 33-53.

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