Ensure that all youth are encouraged to think creatively, by teaching them to think and problem-solve ‘outside the box.’ Part of this includes expanding creative programming (both in schools and in communities) that is accessible to all regardless of income levels or geography. This will not only create Toronto’s future talent pool, but also help carry on the future vision of what each generation imagines for Toronto.

Opportunity #1: Expand Cultural Programming for Youth
Opportunity #2: Transform Local Community Centres into Creative Community Hubs
Opportunity #3: Fund Arts and Creativity in Public Education


Create the conditions that allow enterprise and their financiers to take risks, by providing specialized business support and access to risk capital so that firms and entrepreneurs resist the pull to other markets, and achieve global competitiveness from a Toronto base.

Increase support for sectors that are gaining international attention, such as the region’s booming music scene and the highly talented design industry, so that they become as indicative of Toronto as the film or financial services industries.

Inspire all firms and entrepreneurs across all sectors to think creatively (e.g. recognize the added value of investing in better design) and also promote the convergence of creativity and innovation in the arts and other knowledge-intensive sectors such as biotechnology and information and communication technology.

Opportunity #4: Provide Specialized Entrepreneurship Support/Business Skill Development for Creative Industries
Opportunity #5: Increase Available Cultural/Creative ‘Risk’ Capital
Opportunity #6: Advance Toronto as a Centre of Design
Opportunity #7: Develop Creativity Innovation Convergence Centre


Achieve a balance between the need for major iconic cultural institutions and supporting grassroots creative activity to provide various avenues for different groups to participate in the production and consumption of creative activity

Design space that is affordable and sustainable for creative work and play, that gives the city its inspiring edge and bold character, while remaining liveable, and that innovatively makes use of untapped natural and public space assets.

Opportunity #8: Provide Affordable and Stable Creative Space Systematically
Opportunity #9: Create a Mortgage Investment Fund for Creative Industries
Opportunity #10: Support Development of Waterfront Ground-Floor Strategy
Opportunity #11: Support Design Review Panel
Opportunity #12: Animate the City Below – Toronto Ravine


Provide organizing infrastructure that will connect existing creative activity and resources that currently work in silos whether in different creative sectors, businesses, organizations, neighbourhoods, government departments, organizations, socio-economic groups or learning institutions.

Opportunity #13: Develop New Infrastructure Dedicated to Connecting and Promoting Creative Toronto
Opportunity #14: Provide Ongoing, Stable Funding for Creative Projects

Fostering the conditions to nurture Toronto’s creative livelihood must become a priority. Some encouraging developments are already apparent. The Strategies for Creative Cities Project demonstrates the beginnings of such a multi-level and multi-sector agreement to enhance our creative economy. Other projects paving the way include the public consultation process for the City of Toronto Culture Plan, Artscape’s Creative Places and Spaces Conferences, and the newly-created position of Special Advisor to the Premier on the Future of the GTA and creative cities.

This report’s opportunities are presented to inspire everyone – they can be taken on by individuals, government departments, creative bodies, foundations, community organizations or private enterprise. It is up to all of us to determine how we can create the conditions for the Toronto we imagine, the Toronto we can be.