Within U of T St. George's Faculty of Arts and Science, every student is affiliated with one of seven colleges. The college system dates back to the earliest days of University of Toronto and remains one of its distinctive features. Colleges provide students with all the advantages of a small college experience within the nation’s top research university. While the colleges vary by size, alumni, interdisciplinary programs, facilities and distinctive legacies, they are unified by their commitment to serving students and enhancing their university experience.

Some students choose their college for its reputation and alumni, some for the style of residence accommodation it provides. The colleges foster close-knit intellectual and social communities, each with their own residences, student services, registrarial offices, libraries, dining options, and cultures. The colleges also sponsor specialized academic programs that are open to all students. Whether students commute to campus or live in residence, their college is their community hub. It is where intramural sports teams compete, budding journalists publish their college papers and thespians perform.

When applying to a college it is important to examine the characteristics of the colleges carefully, and rank them on your application according to your priorities. To learn about the system and decide which one is right for you, please visit the individual websites for each college: