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Training in Economic Management Project - Cuba (1998-2003)

The Training in Economic Management Project was an institutional strengthening project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and directed to the Ministry of the Economy and Planning (MEP) of Cuba.

The objective of this project was to facilitate the evolution of Cuba towards a more mixed economy with a greater integration in the international economy. The purpose of the project was to increase the MEP’s capacity to analyse and propose alternative options of economic development for Cuba during the period of evolution towards a more market oriented economy.

The project had three main components: 1) a Public Policy and Management module coordinated by Dalhousie University (Halifax); 2) a Distance Education module coordinated by OISE/UT; and 3) an Economics module coordinated by CIS.

The main activities within the economics module of the project included: 1) the provision of technical advice to strengthen the MEP’s existing Diploma program in Global Economy; 2) the development of MEP’s capability in econometric techniques in order to create the expertise for the construction of an econometric model of the Cuban economy; and 3) the preparation and delivery by Canadian instructors of specialized economics courses to MEP’s professional staff. CIS delivered a total of 18 courses in Cuba, and provided specialized training in Canada to 26 professionals from MEP.

In the implementation of capacity-building programs such as this one, CIS makes use of a large pool of specialized resources. CIS has compiled a list of collaborators which includes more than 40 Canadian economics professors with excellent knowledge of Spanish, and thus perfectly able to teach in this language. This list of bilingual experts includes not only faculty from the University of Toronto, but also from many other Canadian universities. This vast base of high quality resources allows us to cover in an extremely satisfactory manner a large range of specialties within economics.